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  1. seen this man several times at solid rock church monroe ohio, the anointing on this man was so real and tangible! many miracles happened

  2. When I was 11 my family went to see this guy and I remember he called me out of the crowd took me to the front and said "Don't forget me when your rich and famous" It took by surprise and since then it has always been in the back of my mind.

  3. Tim Storey prayed for me in St Catherines Ontario Canada at Pastor Peter Youngrens church and at Bishop Keith Butlers churc in detroit in 2001/2002 and the Holy Ghost annointing came on me, after that I prayed for people and God would heal them of various diseases and pains physical and emotional. He is truly a servant of God. only God has power to heal!!! To him be the praise and glory forever Amen!!!

  4. I go to Calvary Christian Center and I dident go the day of this but on Camp Meeting 09 on Sunday Night Tim Story was there and he was AMAZING

  5. The ministry of Tim Storey has radically changed my life. I always knew God healed people, but I longed to see the REAL POWER. I saw it in Tim Storey. I went through His SCHOOL OF MIRACLES, and for years now God is using me the same way. Thanks Tim for caring and going deep in God!

  6. If you are ever in the daytona florida area, tou should defintely stop by the church. I promise you, you will leave with something that you didn't have before.


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