Pastor Rod Parsley Holiness Altar Call Back In The Day!

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  1. Can you believe this mockery? What is the difference between this and carnival or freak show with Rod as the Ringmaster. The whole room filled with so called believers who want to be entertained and watch the dust collect on their Bibles.

  2. I thought Copland and Osteen where bad now this twisted joker just more shtick to make money another carnival barker another freak side show all for the money.

  3. We like to be biblical only to a certain extend. Emotional behaviors like jerking, falling on the floor, shaking, and other type of behavior is NOT found anywhere in the Bible as proof of pouring of the Holy Spirit!! The only proof of the Spirit is our fruits! People open your eyes! EVERYTHING needs to be aligned with what is already written in the Scriptures. Please brothers and sisters do as what is written.

  4. False teacher and liar. The bible is based on Ancestry. Jesus Christ is coming ONLY for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. That is a RACE of people. Not random people.
    The bible is written only to the race of Adam which is the white race.
    It is the White race that has carried the bible down through the centuries. The dark races never had the bible before the 1700's. No, it has always been the White Europeans who had the bible throughout the centuries who were called Christians.
    And White people cannot Race Mix. It produces a hybrid, a mixed race, mixed DNA offspring. The child always takes on the racial features of the non-white parent. It is what the bible calls "confusion of face"
    Ezra 9:7 "Since the days of our fathers have we been in a great trespass unto this day; and for our iniquities have we, our kings, and our priests, been delivered into the hand of the kings of the lands, to the sword, to captivity, and to a spoil, and to confusion of face, as it is this day."
    Here is a list of factual statements you might find surprising. They are considered heresy by the apostate church, but true nonetheless, and can be backed up by Scripture.

    The bible is written to only one race of people; the race of Adam.

    The bible is NOT a Jewish book.

    The serpent in the garden was NOT a snake.

    Eve DID NOT eat an apple.

    Cain was NOT Adam’s son.

    Noah’s flood was NOT worldwide.

    Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were NOT Jews.

    Moses DID NOT marry a black woman.

    Ruth was NOT a Moabite.

    The tribe of Judah are NOT Jews.

    King David and Solomon were NOT Jews

    The Star of David is NOT the Jewish star.

    Jesus is NOT a Jew.

    The Romans DID NOT kill Christ.

    The Apostles were NOT Jews.

    Jesus DID NOT die for all mankind.

    You DO NOT become a ‘born again’ Christian when you accept Jesus.

    You DO NOT become ‘adopted’ when you trust in Jesus.

    You DO NOT become ‘spiritual Israel’ by becoming a believer.

    You can NOT choose to be ‘saved’.

    Believers will NOT BE be raptured before the Great Tribulation.

    The law WAS NOT done away with.

    The Tribes of Israel HAVE NOT disappeared, or been absorbed.

    Faith alone will NOT save you.

    The Jews are NOT God’s Chosen people.

    Jews can NOT be saved.

    When you die you DO NOT go to heaven or hell, depending on if you are ‘saved’ or not.

    Jesus was NOT God’s ONLY Son.

    The King James Version is NOT the authority on scripture.

    Anti-Christ is NOT one person.

    The bible is based on Ancestry, not on belief.

    Everything you have been told by this world system is a LIE. You must accept it and move forward seeking truth from God. God will only deceive you if you want Him to. If you are loving and accepting of Him and His Truth, you will grow in His Light. If you love the lies of this world, you will decay into darkness. BUT REGARDLESS, if you are His elect who inhabits a white racial container, you will eventually get there, for the Scriptures say, “All Israel shall be saved” and “As in Adam all died, so in Christ shall ALL be made alive”.

  5. This is not scriptural. Where in Gods Word do we see people being smacked on the head then falling down shaking?! He is a showman and is glorifying himself and not our Lord Jesus Christ. A false spirit is at work here. Steer clear of men and women like these. Study the bible to see what it says. Do not seek after experiences. Just seek God.

  6. This is not the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This so called "preacher" is simply putting his hand on there heads and they go crazy. That can happen but, of it does the Holy Spirit will cause u to react like that. This is fake. He is just making up words to say and people are playing a long with it. People knew there was no power in that man that made them pass out. I believe in true prophets. It is hard to tell but, pray and ask God to guide you until you meet that blissful shore, aka Heaven. Prayer works. The Holy Ghost is not just speaking in toughes and a dance. It is a keeper and it is God writing his law in your heart. The outcome and a piece of evidence of recieving the Holy Ghost is speaking in toughes which GOD gives uterance. Acts 2:38. Only he does, if you are forcing your self to make up toughes you do not have it. The Holy Spirit come along with a higher level of discernment, wisdom, knowledge, better understanding, the fruits of the spirit, and obedience to the law, statues, and Judgments. You must keep the entire law. If you break one you break the rest it is in James 2:10-12. If u noticed this man is trying to prove to the audience that his laying hands have power, 2:33.

  7. Listen to me everyone who sees this. I can not speak for the Pastor in this video but I can speak for what you've seen. God told me at the beginning of this year that this anointing was coming back but at an unprecedented level. We are about to see Joel 2:28 come to pass. Many of you reading this need to get and or keep yourself ready for God's use. It could be anything so ministers do not only limit yourself to preaching and listen closely to the holy spirit. He may send some of us places that he really needs us and cause us to stay in places we want to leave. I'm not gonna sugar coat this, it could get a little scary at first but remember, perfect love cast out fear. Remember that moses found God in the tabernacle in the darkness of the cloud. You are the light of the world, he is our cloud by day but we are his fire by night. Be blessed brothers and sisters.

  8. People will be heal and run out off nursing home throw goverment check away in the name off jesus christ for jersuremen is seal and oil down with the blood off jesus christ and evil will run out no evil come in so people pray fasten 24 hour no meat for jesus love all animals

  9. Father off the holy ghost said he will finished what rodney howard browne was doing he will finish it jesus christ off nazina for he was carry elisha spirt there kill it now he will do what his church want done on pentecost amen

  10. What a thing of beauty, is like Kundalini, new age, astrology, with a little voodoo doll thrown in. Thank you it's so entertaining. , I've been sick of watching Hollywood they have no imagination but you, you got it goin on oh, great show.

  11. A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.
    Proverbs 25:28 For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.
    2 Timothy 1:7 THIS IS BLASPHEMY.

  12. Whoa wait. I was at this convention service back in the day. This was like 98-99 early 2000’s in Detroit right before I move to Columbus Ohio to attend his college. WOW!!! Remember all this like is was yesterday.


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