Pastor Ray McCauley – What Jesus never said #2

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  1. Love never fails to love.God is love and love is God. I John 4:7-11 Oh what a lover the Lord is and no one can be a lover of God and hates his brother. We I John 4:16-19. There's no fear in love. Know that God forst loved you if you want to that He first loved you.Romans 8:35 Who shall separate us from the love of God.God's on our side.If God be for use who can be against us! No One. Jer. 31:3 His grace is sufficient to us. II Cor 9:8 His grace abounds unto us. II Cor 12:7 Holy Ghost helps us.

  2. Love never fails to love. God is love. Love is God. I Jn 4:7-11 Focus on God's love then you will love Him and you will love one another. There's not any fear in God. Love casat out fear. If you We want to get to the revelation that God loves you facose on His love for you. Jere. 31:3 Yes I have loved you with everlasting love. Heb. 4:14-16 He was at all points tempted yet He sinned not. Run to God, come to Him, He'll help us with whatever we have need and He will help us with it to overcome.

  3. The Love that is GOD. I Cor.13-Surrender your life to the Grace of God. It's not be achievements by by receiveing what He has alrady doen for you. Live through Him.Focus on His love for you and you will love Him. If you want to get back to your first love, get a revelation that He loved you first.Ro. 8:38-39 Nothing can separate us form the love of God.God's on our ide! Jer. 31:3 II Cor.:8:9 His abounding grace! II Cor 12:7-10 His grace is sufficient for me! Heb 4:14-16 Hold fast what God says.

  4. Don't place culture above or in place of doctrine from word of God.My heart must be establish-ed in Grace. Don't mistake religion for doctrine.Definition of Pure religions is found in book of Jame Traditions Matt:15:6 Text: Message Matt:11:28-30.God sent Jesus to die for our sins before we committed any.Luke 22:31satan has asked for you to sift you but Jesus said I have prayed for you that your faith fail shall not fail.Very few churches would have accepted Peter back in the church. Jesus did!

  5. Personally I have never heard any teaching-preaching ministry that brings as much information from God's word as Pastor Rays' ministry. I can hear Jesus in this man of God. Compassion is present in his words and the glory of God is upon his face. God bless and keep this man of God.


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