Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo at Greater Works 2018 Day 2

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  1. And it is wrong that those satanic caricatures are called “churches”, becoming suddenly a curse for the country and the subject of all the wrath of God. So that, when a cup of torments is poured on a country, churches are quick to interpret it to strengthen the wicked one on his way. I can not imagine of what punishment the churches will be found worthy at the judgment!

  2. The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heavens always comes from Heaven through an angel while there is another gospel that comes from the abyss through pastoral school for God fills the heart while the devil fills the head. Remember how on April 24, 1993, the sound of his voice came into me and I fell dead. You see? It’s the devil that has instituted pastoral school. For, if I send someone to call my wife who is on a journey to the village, this messenger doesn’t have to receive any instruction from anyone. I am the only one who should tell him what to say to my wife and I know that she will believe him.


  3. 7. There is no religion that is closer to God than the other. The way of Salvation is a living prophet. And how can a man be in the will of God without a living prophet? God told me on April 24, 1993: "He who believes in you will come to the waters of baptism. It must be natural water where there are fish. You will turn him toward the east and baptise him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for restitution. This will be the baptism for your time.” And you Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus, have you also done your baptisms exactly like that since April 24, 1993?

  4. Thank You Father God for the life of this tremendous anointed one of yours. I am crying of joy in my soul. What revelation and insights! I am highly connected to God-appointed destiny helpers for revelation, progression, restauration, turnaroung, new association, wisdom, prosperity, love, health, protection, victory, elevation, harvest, favour, greatness, help kingship and worship according to God's Word and the Word of his Prophet in Jesus-Christ name. Amen, amen, amen!!!


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