Pastor Chris:: Your LoveWorld April 15th Full Video

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  1. Amen pastor,many big words ofcourse can make simple things complicated i believe you dont mean the same person holy spirit coming into a believe twice,therefore the infilling can not be a criterion for rapture.

  2. As Pastor was preaching, God gave me grace of listening to the end. Am healed from movements & vibrations in my lower abdomen. Thank You Lord Jesus. God bless u Pastor & all crew. Thank you.

  3. I live in Canada and we do not have to such amazing worship and praising! Lord, I thank you for Pastor Benny Hinn that introduced us to through his TV Ministry to Pastor Chris and LoveWorld Global Ministry. It saved my life. Please never stop! Keep Going! We all need This Worship, These messages, we need to have truths revealed to us. We live in light only when we are surrounded by the King of Kings! Amen.

  4. After researches I finally found the name of Pastor Saki. The third song: " with my hands lifted up and my mouth filled with praise, with a heart of thanksgiving, Lord I give you praise. Singing Glory, Glory, I exalt you!" I wish I can listen to this song again and again and again! It is amazing! I send love to all of you! I can not find this anywhere! I believe that Pastor Saki created it for this particular time. let me know when it is available. I pray that we lift up our voices to worship the Lord. Thank you all the worship team! Thank you Pastor Chris! You keep us going!

  5. Please pastor Chris pray for me to be restore in my brain my heart and my spirit and my stomach and my eyes to feel please i want all senses to come back i want to know my self again i where am i going and where am coming from please pastor Chris pray for me from france

  6. Pastor Chris, Thank you for your message of life each day. I am excited when you see all what is going on in the world as an opportunity o win more souls, to touch the broken hearted, to reach the lost, to make the disable able and restore Hope. I usually don't follow your teachings until i got to this questioning stage in my life. I started experiencing some supernatural experiences. From my personal experience, the story of Noah and Lot take place in the supernatural realm. My experience in the supernatural and the spirit revealed to me it was my Baptism. Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens the face his neighbor “Faithful are the wounds of a friend” (27:6).Glory to God and to His Faithful Servant. Be blessed always

  7. Oh what a worship this is moving my whole heart n Spirit of the lord came upon me. As I used to be moslem and this worship exactly what the Lord Jesus have done into my life even before i knew Him and I deeply madly in love when know Him. The first fire if love from the beginning till now is still burning up❤

  8. Use alcohol to rub throat when you have difficulty breathing. It helps to put pain relief patches on your chest and back when your lungs is weak. Cure pimples when they happened suddenly on your calf 、butt and upper arm, or CONVID will use them to attack throat while threatened and control your left brain and body motion. It's zombie virous' transformation.

  9. This man of God should make up his mind. In one video he does not understand why people are locked in their houses. Now he is saying it God’s given Opportunity to preach! What happened to the 5G conspiracy? He should start by apologising for miss leading people with conjectures.


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