Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – "Baptisms Communion and the Church" MUST SEE! (2019)

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, founder of Christ Embassy and the LoveWorld community, is the Man of God who is revolutionizing prayer and teaching God’s Word.
MUST-SEE! All around the world, men and women of all ages have witnessed the manifestation of God’s presence, power, and love. In this video, Man of God, Pastor Chris, talks about baptism, communion, and the church. Baptism cleanses our sins and gives us rebirth in God, Communion is how we rebuild Christ’s body, and the church is the most beautiful living place of Jesus on earth. Pastor Chris speaks of how the doctrine of Christ leads us to perfect and complete spiritual maturity through baptism, communion, and the church.
Pastor Chris says, “When the ministry of the Holy Ghost takes place in your life, you are brought into an awareness; a present-hour knowledge that requires no thinking through or remembrance of that which you already know. It is the awareness of the hope of His calling, awareness of your inheritance in Christ and the awareness of the greatness of his power on your behalf”.
Witness the awesome manifestation of God’s Spirit at work in Pastor Chris as he teaches how our actions in the name of Christ and His love are rebuilding Christ’s body, fighting the devil, and making us stronger every day. Pastor Chris is God’s conduit for unlimited grace and love. Through moments of rapturous worship, millions have been ushered into miracles, out of hopeless situations, and their lives changed forever, thanks to Pastor Chris, Christ Embassy, and the LoveWorld community. Pastor Chris’s teaching brings the Word of God to life, and his uplifting praise, worship, and prayer reveal the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Chris and his Christ Embassy take faith to another level through destiny-altering prayer, love, and gratitude to the Lord Jesus. Millions have already been blessed and healed through the LoveWorld community and its soul-igniting music and dance. Pastor Chris continues to inspire and transform all who listen. The moment you start seeing yourself in Christ, your attitude, way of life, and experiences will change. THIS VIDEO IS A MUST-SEE!

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  1. Getting the foundations clear.
    Many baptisms…into Jesus, into the cloud, into the sea, in death…. a testimony
    The first baptism is being born again
    Raised to a new walk.. Col 2.6. Rom 6.3-4

  2. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when was just turned 15 years old in 1990 in South Florida, USA, no one in the Baptist Church I used to belong ever mentioned baptism to me, I was invited to attend a crusade in a Seven Day Church, they were asked if anyone wanted to get baptized, I raised my hand, I stayed in the church for some years I was thought and I was baptized, I was already 25 years ago, lots of church don’t mention baptism or alter call

  3. This white lady looks like pam. I went to a service at the Benny Hinn studio I tried to sit on a chair close to the front and she was there next to me. I think she was saving a seat for someone. I call my daughter to come and sit here, I put my hand on the chair and pam pushed my hand off the chair and said "not here" as she nashed her teeth at me and looked at me with a demonic look and with a demonic voice. Brothers and sisters I never went back! I dont plan to go back. I love pastor Benny but thank God I can choose where to go and not go. Stay clear of this lady and be carefull becuase unforgiveness can get a hold of you like it tried to get a hold of me.

  4. I'm Brazilian and I hear some ministrations from Pastor Chris, and they really have changed, my life and my ministry. Someone knows where I can get more ministrations dubbed or subtitled in Portuguese. if you know send me Thanks … whatsapp 55 13996638212


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