Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: August 2018 The Month of Reflection

You are not in the way of what you have been taught, if it left you or you left it, the result will still be the same. You should give more earnest heed to what we have heard and don’t let them go away from you and you don’t walk away from them. What the Spirit of God wants us to do is capsulized in one word, REFLECTION. The Lord wants us to review the things that we have learnt, look through the things that the Lord has taught you, look through the instructions you were given, find out, are you walking in the direction that he gave you or are you drifting away?

Are you following the direction that the Lord is given to you? Are you doing those things that he asked you to do? Or are you drifting away? It’s a Month of Reflection, and you should look into the scriptures, study, look through your notes, listen to the messages and those things the Lord has instructed us, the things that we have been taught, go back to them, take your mind through them, study them and bring them back to your mind. And make sure that you are walking in God’s perfect will for your life.

It is the Month of Reflection and this is what the Spirit of God wants to do with you, he wants to bring things to your remembrance and remember this is very consistent with the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives, Jesus said when the Spirit of Truth is come, He shall teach you all things and he shall bring to your remembrance whatsoever I have commanded you, whatsoever I have taught you, whatsoever I have instructed you. He said the Holy Spirit’s ministry is not only to teach you but to remind you, if you give him the attention, he will remind you.

If you listen to Him, he will guide you and remember Jesus said he will guide you into all truth, so in this month, he wants to remind you, he wants to get your mind to reflect on the things that he has taught you. God doesn’t want to just give you new things and you forget what he taught you before, because you are supposed to be building on what he has given you and adding more glory. He says Grace upon Grace, that is the vision, it is Grace upon Grace. This is very important and it helps you in making the right decision in life.

When you come to a place in your life, what the Lord is talking to you about reflecting upon the things you have been taught, then evidently, what is happening is he is leading you into points of decision and these decision points is so important for example, in Hebrews Chapter 11 vs 8, look at Abraham, he is comfortable in the place where he is but he knows God had said through you all the Nations of the Earth shall be blessed.

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  1. I was directed back here by the holy ghost to listen to this message… Thank you Lord for your guidance. Decision points now… What has the Lord said? Thank you Ps Sir for this… God bless you

  2. 主阿,我跪著向你呼求,主阿,我願意跟從,求你來使用我,求你紀念我日夜的辛勞,賜福給我力量,求你幫助我的福音餐廳生意興隆,因為我的餐廳營業面積狹小,廚房排熱溫不良,使我工作容易熱昏厥,主阿,憐憫我,饒恕我,求你賜下贊助者幫助我的福音餐廳,求你擴張我的境界,保佑我不遭患難,不受艱苦,願神常與我同在,是奉靠主耶穌基督的聖名祈求禱告,阿門!

  3. This is one of the most inspiring messages I have ever heard all my life. I have never been to Christ Embassy but I have been richly blessed by the messages of Pastor Chris. My heart blesses you sir.

  4. Thou I have watch it late it has been a great blessing to me remind me is not want look good into my eyes but What's God what and whoever put there trust in God will never be ashamed

  5. 1.What did God say?
    2.Can you trust in Him?

    …Amen. I am blessed. The Lord's people are indeed chosen people and so we should act and behave accordingly.
    From the world into Christ and not from Christ into the World. Glory be to God.


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