Overcoming Infertility: I Stood in Faith for My Baby

Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Partner Heidi Morris praises God that she overcame infertility by standing in faith on God’s Word and promises. She hopes her healing testimony encourages others to trust God for their own healing and family too.

Heidi and her husband assumed the would start a family soon after getting married. When that didn’t happen, they consulted doctors. The physicians told them that pregnancy would be unlikely. At first, Heidi, who worked at KCM’s Australian office, became sad and discouraged at the news. Then she decided to put the spiritual training that she had received for years into practice. She and her husband began standing on God’s Word and in faith for her healing from infertility.

Heidi decided, “I’ve got to ignore the results and what the doctors have said and take ahold of God’s Word for myself.”

Almost immediately, she became pregnant.
Today, she and her husband have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Through her healing from infertility, she learned that God’s Word is true.

“God’s done it all for us” Heidi explains. “[Healing] is all paid for, finished. He said it [in His Word], and it’s there for us. It’s up to us to receive it. We have to do that.”

Heidi is so thankful for her partnership with Kenneth Copeland Ministries and for what she has learned as a result of it.

“Partnership with KCM has really changed our lives. Now I’m seeing how constant and how unwavering Kenneth and Gloria have been in what God’s asked them to do.”

Watch Heidi Morris’ testimony and hear how she overcame infertility with faith. And to learn more about living by faith and standing in faith for healing, visit Kenneth Copeland Ministries at www.kcm.org. We’re here for you!

Scriptures to Stand Against Fertility: http://bit.ly/2lMwSPB

A Prayer for Those Battling Infertility: http://bit.ly/2mmFAB2


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  1. beautiful testimony. I am praying for the Lord to bless my partner and I also with a baby. I never stop praying.. i recieve this baby in jesus name. god bless you all.

  2. So blessed on this testimony. Praying to the the same blessing too. Hope you join me in prayer and in faith that God will me me and my husband for more than 2 years to be convicted and have healthy baby boy. In Jesus name! Amen!

  3. All thanks to Dr.EHIDIAMEN for helping me to get pregnant after 5 years of marriage,I had no issue so I was worried that my husband will live me for another woman. I had gone to so many hospital's they did not have any solution to my problem so I was so depressed, so one day I went online to how to get pregnant I saw how Dr ehidiamen helped a woman to get pregnant so I talked to him and he gave me a medicine so I got pregnant if you want to talk to Dr.EHIDIAMEN contact him on WhatsApp +2347064556138 or email Drehidiamensolutionhome@gmail.comm

  4. Great video and encouragement, thank you for sharing. I shared my story recently on here of my journey with endometriosis and how it effected my fertility! I pray many woman are blessed by her story xxx

  5. I don't know how many times I've watched this clip but each time I watch it, something new happens in me. Thank you father Lord for this faith building testimony. This is my second comment and I'm so sure my third will definitely be my testimony.


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