Oral Roberts Tent Sermon (August 1954): "Right Believing"

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  1. Thank God for Technology I get to hear the Great Oral Roberts Peaches The True Word of God! I was only 1year old When he Preached this Sermon in 1954. I'm 67yrs.old now Blessed Sermon on Healing I feel As I watch his Sermons and His Son Richard and Linsey Speaking The Word of God and Praying My Faith Rises and I will be Healed in Jesus Christ Name. Blessings from Texas

  2. Love your dads sermons, amazing how people in those days were so reserved, and quiet, yourvdad had so much zeal , love watching all the old video footage God bless your ministry it has brought much healing and blessings into my life!

  3. I enjoy watching these videos of the great Oral Roberts, I am so happy to watch it on You-Tube especially it has the vintage black and white look. I feel very uplifted when I watch and to me it seems like I am right there. Thanks for sharing this, what a blessing!

  4. I heard of Oral Roberts in 1965 while I was in a Bible college. He preached in Kerala in India. Later in the 1970s he sent me his books and tracts. I heard him through cassettes. Since last year I watched through the iPad and rejoiced. I pray that God would raise evangelists like him. Praise be to God. I am 73 and have been serving God for the past 54 years and know that Jesus is Saviour and healer. Dr.Lawrence Jayapalan.

  5. i like oral roberts . started hearing him on am radio in 1959 . the lord used him to help the people in amerca and his son is carrying on his work now on tv world wide.

  6. I can imagine him being missed by his family because when he left this word a part of them went with him.. The Lord used Oral in my Salvation and I will miss him as well


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