Oral Roberts Tent Healing 1952

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  1. I started listening to Oral Roberts growing up as a child I am now 63 years and still like to listen to his sermons on youtube
    I always wanted to attend his university but I could not afford as I came from a very poor family
    But Thank God his spirit is still alive through his word

  2. Today is 2 October, 2020 and I still listen to Oral Roberts when my faith is being tested
    The devil is trying to destroy me and my family I beleive in Jesus name God will heal and restore my family through faith
    He will set us free today in Jesus name

  3. I yearn for the day to see healings similar to the times of Jesus….outer physical healing….the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, the lepers restored, the bleeding woman restored etc. All of outward occurance and seen by all.

  4. That's not the Oral Roberts I've ever seen who is that guy he doesn't look anything like Oral Roberts I think he is a phony does it look like Oral Roberts to you doesn't to me and why would them people be standing there staging a act in the audits I'm very confused about all this doesn't make sense at all doesn't look like Oral Roberts at all

  5. What is this some kind of mockery to the Lord or something. that's not Oral Roberts and what are those people staging an act in the middle of the audience the Lord God is going to punish you for doing this what the hell is going on you're a disgrace to God making fun of Oral Roberts God will punish all of y'all for this the sooner the better I think


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