ORAL ROBERTS — Sowing & Reaping the harvest, part 1

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  1. I'm a christian who had out of body experience, & I know Jesus Christ is Lord and savior of all mankind.
    I believe ministers can ask for help when they need it.
    But I don't believe it's from Jesus Christ our Lord and savior when these ministers are always asking for money.

  2. Bunch of crap these rich preachers who live off the blood and sweat of working class followers while they live in luxury .They are Charleston's nothing more.Shame on all of these robber barons.

  3. Every time I would go to church, the message was not complete without an entire hour about how we need to give our money to them. Sowing the seed, receiving all of Gods wealth. Bullshit. My money stays in my pocket. Just bcz he says he gave his last bit of money to the church, he wants us to do the same? F U buddy. Burn in hell.

  4. Many preachers feel like the Great Satan today because of the huge number of people they have lied to and the amount of money they have wasted on worldly television broadcasting having never preached the Truth as written in the scriptures as the Apostle Paul said, "I knew nothing while I was among you except Jesus and Him crucified" you should ask when did I go and baptize according to the Great Commission. not having done so means one thing Reverent Roberts it means you will go before Jesus Christ and answer these questions.

  5. Money hungry pastors be quick to tell you to 'sow a seed' for your need. But they won't tell you to take that money and pay your debts so you could have A 1 credit. They won't tell you to purchase a life insurance policy so that when you die you could leave something behind for your kids. They won't tell you to keep the money up in the bank for a rainy day.

    You're always hearing how God wants you to prosper. But never God saying owe a man nothing but love.


  6. This prosperity nonsense and sowing a seed of money is nothing but heresy and blasphemes the name of God. This has nothing to do with the cross of Jesus Christ, but does as Paul warns, they are viewing godliness as a means of gain. Repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, and turn away from this nonsense.


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