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  1. Acts 9. 19 Apostle Paul went straightway that Jesus was the very Christ. A young preacher wherewith the Jews could not withstand whereby they went about to kill him.

  2. I used to watch Oral Roberts on TV when I was a kid. Lord knows I am going to really miss him. He was a good preacher. I just found out that he died not to long ago. Man. This is really hitting home and it is real. Man.

  3. HAW HAW!!! I had forgotten about this! What I believe is, that along with his other word/faith pals, they are all satanists destined for destruction. 1 Peter 2:3

  4. @arvindlkotte it's as if people who say they are Christians, yet criticize pastors, and people anointed of God. Don't they have respect for God's anointing? Don't they recognize the coals they are heaping upon their own heads when they speak against God's people? Some people are too undiscerning…

  5. Didn't Jerry Falwell give him his moniker "Oral" for giving the best Blow jobs in the Evangelical movement … aided of course whenever he took out his dentures

  6. To all those who speak negative and pass the Judgement, Jesus says remove the speck out your own eye then you can remove your brothers, So stop being Judgmental its not your work; its God's work. It's so foolish to you say he is thief, liar and etc….. Beware of God's wrath on you and your household my dear brother and sister in Christ!!!

  7. This service was on May 10, 2009. We at Victory Christian Center were very blessed at his surprise visit to us! He is greatly cherished and will be greatly missed!


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