Oral Roberts – Healing Sampler

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  1. I decided to look at this because of my mom. When she was a child she had epilepsy seizures. My grandma took her to see this man and my mother said she never had another seizure since. I was just curious to see the man that was a vessel in helping to heal my mommy. lol…..that was about 50 years ago btw.

  2. This is HOOT!  It brings back memories of my childhood when a friend's grandmother watched it "religiously" every Sunday and we would walk in and there she would be on her knees in front of the television with her hand on the screen trying to get a healing that never came.  She wrote in and sent in a great deal of money and asked for an explanation – and, finally, was told that her faith was not great enough and that if she really believed that she would be healed and . . . she continued to send in more money and every Sunday we would see her with her hand on the television screen and what was, initially, a comedy to us really showed how pathetic and vulnerable people can be. 

  3. The power of God is real and over time we as natural people have somewhat lost the belief in his healing power, but I'm a witness that God is a healer and you have to believe and receive your healing.

  4. God is almighty and can do whatever HE wants. We should pray and firmly believe he hears our prayers. We should seek the one who gives the gifts, and not only the gifts. We should not like faith-healers make a SHOW out of Gods love and promises to hear our prayers. Jesus avoided such attention from people. We should also understand that tribulations, afflictions, anguish, sicknesses, being poor, being dislikted and without reputation, being tried like Job in many ways etc does not add or subtract to wether we are saved or not. For salvation is given through faith in Jesus Christ. Our hearts should cling to: Who Jesus is (God and man) and What he has done for us (shed his innocent blood for our sins). We should remember that He who said "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer" rejected Satans words “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” Follow Jesus Christ, pick up your cross, trust in Gods love through Jesus Christ and dont be deceived by men. Honor your parents and dont be a slave to anybody but God, for it is not slavery but freedom from sin, the condemnation of the law in your conscience and hell.

  5. I have a hard time believing in a preacher who said, God told him to raise 8 million dollars if not he would of died. Come in man. I go to church I am a christian this mania not.

  6. I have a healing ministry as well. Why did God choose me? I have NO idea. It's by the will of the Holy Spirit. Brother Roberts was chosen the same, by the will of the Holy Spirit.

  7. Christ can heal, I do not know this man, but I heard a good testimony about him, and i believe in his ministry, and based on what I saw, he is giving the glory to God, thus it is a good (Christ centered) ministry, again it is real not a movie, Jesus heals and I believe that was one of the service he(ORAL ROBERTS) had to lead.


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