Oral Roberts Discussing Sex

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  1. He's being honest y'all never heard of a Christian talk about it it is truth instead of judging judge not lest ye be judged. He which is righteous judgeth all but no man can judge him it's not wrong what he's saying

  2. You air America radio people are always trying to find something stupid about christans let alone preachers or evangelist you won't crucify a famous celerity when they say or do something outrageous but when a Christian does it oh it's the end of the world it's such a big deal let's find something wrong with believers in Jesus as if we don't make mistakes and are perfect you people aren't any different from oral Roberts anyhow and oh don't get jealous because we worship Jesus and are going to heaven and are at peace when you people are on a one way trip to an eternal hell and are mentally confused we're very sorry.

  3. Yeah, well cut the dude slack- he's from dustbowl arkansas, and from that kind a of mindset….He should not have been talkin this shit, because he is truly a faith healer, and not a sex counselor….B.t.w. you young turks have some churchin' up to do- I' ve seen a couple of awesome healings since 1983 when I got "the faith"!!!!…B.t.w have you guys raised millions, built a university, and lived to 95??  didn't think so.

  4. he just saying the truth, actually i was concentrated in what he was saying and the background guy just seems like he needs a good caring heart

  5. The Only Folks that sound like idiots on this clip are the "Young Turks" themselves! You Fella's are corrupt and ungodly. There won't be much laughing on JUDGEMENT DAY.

  6. It seems being specific is to much for some adult people. Let's see… How do explain that homosexuality doesn't work??! Yet he does explain! This video took a segment of a sermon and exploited it! It probably wouldn't be as funny if they play the entire sermon because it might just make a little more sense. Sex was meant for male and female in a marriage unity.. The bed is undefiled in a marriage unity.. Duh!!!!!!

  7. Ohhh, I thought it said Robert's Discussing Oral Sex!!

    Hang on, is he a preacher or a sexual education teacher? LOL

    Who said gay sex was all about anal sex. I know gay guys who are disgusted by that act and don't engage in anal sex.
    Funny how so many false teachers and general idiots out there in the world so willingly associate being gay with sex acts and anal sex. The world is obsessed with sex. In fact I know one gay guy who is totally plutonic and doesnt engage in sex with his partner.


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