Oral Roberts – Angels That Help Us

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  1. Oral Roberts was a very smart presenter in the way that he had people from every walk of life and level of "being saved" during a meeting so as to prove the healing power of God. He was a well planned out preacher.

  2. I'm a Catholic so don't misunderstand my dislike of these charlatans, this guy mentored Kenneth Copeland, there ruthless grifters, actors, showman, narcasists fleecing these vunerble people. Everytime he gives a command to the audience and they obey, he's privately marvelling at the success of his grift.

  3. Wouldn't Eve have pood her pants when a snake started to talk ?Or was she a bit simple She could have got it by the tail and cracked it like a whip ! That little trick splatters the serpents head !

  4. Oral Roberts was always a family event in our home. From Grandparents to the youngest baby, we gathered to hear this man to speak and to pray. He was in Pensacola, and I remember the 2 hour ride there. I remember the crowds, but I don't remembe the event. I was all of five.. maybe. And I slept the 2 hours home. I wish that I had been able to stay away and have the whole memory. My parents are gone now, so I can't even ask them about it. And of course I never thought to ask about it before.

  5. Praisy to God for how God used to man of God He was very happy man.We have to pray God raise like Robort Oral. It is my request God heal my family in spiritual and physical.


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