Only Jesus – Michael Koulianos at Kingdom Foundations

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  1. Powerful message! Just had the opportunity to see him in person at our church this weekend. He is definitely a man who walks with the Spirit, loves and showcases Jesus, and is a great gift to the Church!

  2. A timely right now word…thanks Michael!!! Patricia King started off Global Encounter on April 1st with the same theme…it's time for us as a body to return to our first love…JESUS!!!!

  3. Timothy grow up with Paul’s teachings stewardship. so there is two epistles to Timothy we can read about the development and growth of Timothy’s ministry. Paul had to fight against MIXING . I like what Michael said,the very 1st thing. Just Jesus. Holy Spirit only teach’s Jesus. In Him As One

  4. He was factual, focused, accurate, arrogant and prideful. I'm concerned about his heart and for the students in his classes. He talked heart, but didn't have one. I didn't see or hear fruit of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience and kindness persevering faithfully in goodness, gentleness and a self control of the Holy Spirit. I felt bludgeoned by him. The information was absolutely on target for our minds, but what about our hearts and souls? I can believe that Jesus used a similar tone as him in direct conversation with the Pharisees, but I cannot believe that he spoke that way, in that haughty tone, to the people who were following him.


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