Norvel Hayes | Power Over The Devil

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  1. It is true what he said about the show ( Dark Shadows) I felt a demon enter me. from watching it…But The Holy Spirit cast it out of me.. I saw it go into a toilet . it was pitch black…Praise God for ever more…True story

  2. What a mighty man of God! He teaches what the word says and with him doing that he has shown me even more to see the word as is and to rejoice because I have received that which God has promised me. I doblobe this man of God. Peace

  3. in 1984 brother norvel hays was the first word of FAITH preacher I ever heard. I will never forget him teaching on all nine gifts of the spirit!! I was raised assembly of God and was never taught how to be led by the spirit or the gifts!!! His life was a blessing!!!!

  4. I sure do love my Norvel! If it weren't for this man teaching me how to live, many years ago, I don't know  where I'd be today. I came as a little child, did exactly what he said, and I got the same results. Lazy people won't even take the time to hear what this great man of God and mentor has to say, so they won't get the results they want. If Jesus were here, He would say, "Hear him!"


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