Norvel Hayes – God Works In Atmospheres

Jesus would kick OUT people who didn’t believe to help create an atmosphere of faith. We should also create an atmosphere for God to work in our hearts, …


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  1. I need new heart in Jesus name as I have been instructed by doctors to be admitted to hospital immediately as I have heartache and ECG report is not normal. I have a new heart in Jesus mighty name Amen

  2. A few months ago, I was searching Spirituality as I wanted to know more about the baptism of the Holy Spirit on this e-book website. I stumbled upon a book titled "Endued with power, how to activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life- By Norvel Hayes. I have never heard of that guy, but the title was exactly what I was searching for. So I got the book and read through it. I never heard of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit then, after reading that book, I have been on youtube watching everything I can on Norvel Hayes. One day in Heaven I really want to say thank you to him. Through his sermons I learnt of a man called Lester Sumrall, a lady called Kathryn Kuhlman, a guy call Kenneth Haggin..I have never been blessed as I am now, listening to their sermons. I can now better identify the battle with demon possession. I know the Authority I have in Jesus Name. I see my country, Papua New Guinea, where souls are dying with no true knowledge of God as told my Norvel Hayes and Lester Sumrall. I feel I have to do more for God now that I know, please do pray for me, as I will try to do more to help people around me know the truths of God as told by these great Generals of the Holy Faith.
    God bless you all
    Jeffery Hasimani
    Papua New Guinea

  3. I just discovered Norvel Hayes two weeks ago and my faith has soared ever since! I have spoken to my body commanding it in Jesus name to stop something and my mind goes elsewhere and when I catch myself I see that my body obeyed! I believe the Miracle Maker Lord Jesus for a brand new immune system!!!! I do not accept anything less! Bless God Forever!!!!

  4. My flatulence was healed this way!!! My pain on the left side of my head was healed this way! My husband's malaise and instability was healed this way! Bless the Lord and Miracle Worker Jesus Christ forever!!!

  5. How to release your miracle for cancer
    ○ Create an atmosphere by confession
    ○ Thank you, Lord for a new liver example… shout it out and say it a few hundred times… Thank you Lord for my new liver… for a few days and He will hear you and come to you if you faith waivereth not and He will bring a new liver with Him.

    Example confession for cancer

    § Call Jesus my healer while walking the floor

    § I command a new liver in my body in Jesus Name

    § Jesus is making me a new liver right now

    § Devil you can't kill me – cancer you can't kill me.

    She did this for several months, every day every day
    – All of a sudden she got a brand new liver.


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