My Testimony of Divine Healing from Multiple Sclerosis

Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Partner James Lavender experienced a divine healing from multiple sclerosis. In 2008, he began to feel ill but didn’t know why. By 2009, he was admitted to the hospital. He required the use of a walker and had no sensation from his waist down. Then the diagnosis came—multiple sclerosis.

James didn’t give in to fear or discouragement. Instead, He followed the Lord’s leading.

“It’s like the Lord had a roadmap for me,” he says. “Every morning when I woke up, and even though I wasn’t feeling well, I could turn the TV on, and back-to-back, there would be Creflo Dollar followed by Kenneth Copeland. Then I could wait a little while and Bill Winston would come on. I was just constantly inundating myself with those teachings.”

When the pain hit and James’ nerve endings felt like they were on fire, he would recite scriptures until the pain passed. He credits the Holy Spirit for pushing him to rely on the Word of God and give him strength to stand in faith for his healing.

“Every time the devil brought a thought [of discouragement or fear] to me, I said, ‘I’m going to go to the Bible and read a healing scripture.’”

James has been symptom free since 2009, and while his neurologist has never declared him healed, he has released James from further treatment.

Today, James encourages other Christians to develop a close relationship with the Lord, too, and to pray every step of the way—through their diagnosis and their medical protocols—relying on the Holy Spirit’s direction and wisdom.

Watch this video to hear about James’ testimony of divine healing from multiple sclerosis.

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