My Father Loves Me | Bill Winston | Kenneth Copeland

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  1. Hallelujah! Blessed Be The Name Of The LORD!! This is the type of preaching that the whole world needs. The WORD OF GOD, preached and rightly divided and explained so that babes can understand.

  2. Gentleman, you guys have outdone yourselves! This has been a favorite of mine for some time. All the Glory to our Heavenly Father. I still also honor you gentlemen! Praise God for your love and devotion-first to him, and then to us!

  3. Thanks brother Kenneth Copeland for the powerful words of God
    I thanks God who works truth the man of God Kenneth and Bill. May bless you all forever and ever

  4. Dear Bill
    You have something on the inside of you…. it reminds me of Joseph Prince. Brother, you got a fire on the inside of you…. whooo… It speaks to me. You must be the 2nd most influential preacher of all time. You could become the 1st… I just love you! You've changed my life in the last week. Some woman online uploads all your videos and I am a changed person. I see God bigger. Thank you, thank you. I really like you. Praise the Lord !


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