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Hey welcome to my page, allow me introduce myself i am Ashley Burden.

If approached with the right attitude, adversity can serve as a catalyst for miraculous growth. I’m living proof! After a childhood filled with abuse and abandonment, I found myself pregnant at sixteen years-old; Three years later, I solidified my relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It was a life-changing turn of events that revealed to me my true purpose in life: helping others to become the best they can be.
I’ve been blessed with a gift to help women discover the fullness of life. I do it through life coaching! As a mother, author, content creator, survivor, and devout Christian, I am honored to help my clients walk away from their insecurities and into their God given identity. Each step we take together on this path to your future is guided by God. I’m excited to watch you step fully into your purpose and create the life you were intended to live.If this sounds like you schedule a booking HERE:

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After having a child at sixteen years of age it brought me so much shame, guilt and insecurities over my life that grow well into my adult hood. I felt like my life was over and that I would never amount to anything. That was farther from the truth. Once I changed my thinking, I changed my life and everything started to fall into place. I want to help you shift your mindset too by being your life coach.

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  1. Please pray that I succeed in this three day fast!!! Its so crazy because a hour or so before i seen this video , i got the random urge to fast for 3 days , and i really feel like i need to because i have distanced myself from God , and i feel scared for my soul. So the fact that i came across this video feels like confirmation, so please somebody anybody pray that i win this battle of fasting . Im tempted to break it as i type, thank yall

  2. I think this is God’s way of speaking to me, this the second time someone’s video was recommended to me about fasting for a breakthrough!! Thank you Jesus for the message and let me begin my journey. It’s much needed in my on-going situations

  3. Thanks for your testimony what a blessing.please pray for my health restoration from diabetes and hypertension.also for my son for God’s divine direction in all aspects of his life; I cannot afford to let the devil mess with my kids;Thank you and be Blessed

  4. Dear Lord Jesus please answer my prayer, I need a urgent miracle home my house is almost collapsing on me, please take this shame and reproach away from me I'm your child.

  5. Fasting has been on my mind for a few days now; I want to grow closer to Him, there's also a new job opportunity at my job and I've been praying about that which has been one of the reasons why I want to fast (I've been claiming this new position and raise in Jesus's name, it is mine!), lastly my health. I haven't been eating right or living right, I want to start living a Godly life and living in his purpose. I'd love to hear his voice & give my life to him completely. I have to let go & let God.

  6. Please pray for me. I'm believing God for justice. A company that I did work for wants to say that they don't have to pay me for my work. I'm believing God for a miralce and a breakthrough. The accounting department is trying to ignore me. Believe God with me that someone at the top of the company will set things in the right, in Jesus name!

  7. Hi Ashley,

    Can you pray for me and my King
    God has say to me and him that only the son that we will have together can destroy that corona virus
    And there is so much opstacles for us now
    Everybody that is reading this can you pray for me please and fast.. one hour of two
    God bless you all

    Thank you

  8. I ended up going 12 days but on another fast now. I don't want to say how long I will go on all fasts in the future but I will continue to do them. 12 days is the longest I went also. I still want to do a job I am working that god wants me to do and it's ordained by him whatever his plan is. I work at a cleaning job now but the school is shutdown. I just want what god wants for me that he ordains me to do whether it is a job my purpose or whatever he wants me to do in life.

  9. I feel like God led me to your video esp working on anger, emotions etc ….I need God to intervene in my life….its like God has something great for me and it's not working out…..started my 21day fast on day 6 now….

  10. I have been fasting for 10 days now and I am still trying to hear gods voice and am wanting to be to hear and see in the spiritual realm and have a closer relationship with god and Jesus. I am praying everyday and I been reading the bible too. I am trying to go 40 days. Am getting used to fasting now more now because I have done multiple fasts now this year probably at least 4. The thing is trying to go 40 days. I bought meat and have been around pizza at my job I even bought Wendys but I knew I wasn't gonna eat it because am fasting but will when am done. I have faith in god that this will be the time I go 40 days. 30 days left.

  11. Pray for me , dealing with witchcraft and intense attacks , I fasted and dealt with a very aggressive spirit of anger torn me inside it left but I was left so torn and broken before God it was to much I felt so much pain and rejection from past and all the hurt , I know it’s for purpose so I broke fast but I know I have to keep
    Going please intercessors please pray for me my name is Melvin thanks I know the enemy tryna stop me from fasting

  12. I've been dreaming spirtual warfare disturbing terrifying they bit me i saw munch demons and when i woke up my heart was racing and 5 scratches and burns ive dealing spiritual warfare 5 weeks i deal with serve MENTAL ill i take medication TRYING to fast and praying to get my BREAKTHROUGH i know its though battle

  13. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us and encouraging us to seek the presence of the Lord Yash in fasting and prayer. Just one extra note: The special effects you were using on your camera made your hands look disproportionately larger than they are and I was distracted by the large hands as your were speaking. So I just listened without watching after a while so I could receive the praise report. Thought you might want to know and so that you will fix that issue in future videos.

    May the Lord bless and keep you.

  14. I fasted for the first time yesterday and I can see how God is working from that one fast. I want to fast longer but I have had questions about what is allowed and what isn't. Any help would be appreciated.


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