God has bigger things for us all the time. This is my next level breakthrough 3 day fasting and prayer testimony PART 2. You can watch PART 1 on this link…
God is so good. I did a 3-day water fast because I was desperate and God answered. Prayer and fasting draws you closer to God and far from the devil. When you do a 3 day fast, 7 day fast or
any number of days you choose, heaven declares the glory of God over your life and miracles
begin to happen.

Why should Christians fast? Some stubborn life issues cannot go away except you add fasting to
your prayers. This is what Jesus Christ told his disciples.

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  1. Hi my loves, My fasting and prayer testimony is proof that God is greater than we think. Be inspired and encouraged to hold on to Jesus. When life issues don't make sense, seek HIM in prayer and He will answer you. Thank you for watching!!

  2. Started fasting today and came across your video. It have really inspired me to keep going.i have been feeling flat and empty of late.But I know my God is in control.Thank you for your testimony.

  3. Thank you for this testimony , I am currently going through a similar situation and your testimony gives me hope for the future . Although I have lost everything at the moment but I know I serve a living God , he is the God of the mountains and is still the God of the valleys and I know he is here with me through it all

  4. Hi Mumbi.Thank you so much may the almighty God bless you and increase you.I was doing my three day fast and today was the final day.And all over sudden a miracle happened and God give me a song that Everything is Done and sealed.No more distance and no more delay. He is faithful

  5. Great testimony sister just recently I made up in my mind to fast and pray for a situation to be turned around no matter how many lawyers I connected with this situation was a job for GOD alone GOD directed me to reach out to the company that could help me. I prayed for HIS favor as I reached out to the appropriate people within 10 to 15 minutes the company responded back to my correspondence I sent to them reached out to the company that was giving me the runaround they had someone kind and qualified to return my call only for them to have to Honor what should have been done from the start. I sought GOD for so long in prayers FASTING UNLICKED THE DOOR FOR ME

  6. Im back here to share my testimony to all who come across this video. You and
    Sophia Ankrah Ministries were my very first source of encouraging testimonies about fasting.. Ive seen a lot of videos from preachers including Derek prince but never really understood what fasting is for and what it can do. Then when I already started fasting, i saw his sermon again and he actually said fasting is one of the secrets to answered prayers.
    Thank you your amazing testimonies. It increased my faith.

    Ive been wanting to get out of my current employment for more than a year due to its toxicity and overwhelming workload. But never rally fund a suitable replacement job which can surpass my current income. I prayed, worked hard applying to a lot of job posts, marketing my services.I got only few responses, but mostly mediocre and some from people who only wat to take advantage of giving me low pays. Then I started asking God what Im doing wrong.

    I came across your testimony about fasting and that greatly encouraged me. 2 meals day, no snacks, no news, no social media. First I fasted for 5 days my money collectible from a certain person to be paid to me as she has not been responding to all my calls and txts.

    I stopped for 1 day and fasted and prayed and played my fav worship song on YT for another 5 days for the type of job I want and experience I have, pay I need to prosper, and the type of client/.employer Iwould like to work with, and lifted everything up to Jesus as all my past efforts were futile and i was getting really tired.

    On the 3rd day, I received an interview invite from a job i applied more tha a week ago.. Then I woke up the next morning and I received teh job offer. With my preferred rate. There were more than 30 applicants and I was one of the 4 interviewed and I was the one who received teh ofer. The intervirw was painless, no fuss. Will finish my fast until the 5th day as thanksgiving

    So praise the Lord Jesus. I hope this will encourage others as well. Im still praying and will fast more for this person who owes me money. Pls help pray for me as well. God bless us all.

    Thank you . God also revealed other things/people I need to fast for and pray as well so i now have an excel list

  7. Hi Mumbi, thank you such a powerful testimony. It would be a pleasure to talk to you personally. If yes, let me know and I will share my number. May God continue to bless you.

  8. I thank God for what he is doing in my life, I can understand the bible more and more now, and all my prayers are getting answered, and still expecting and have faith that the others are going to be answered.

  9. God is so good. This gave me chills! I am in the middle of a promise from Him and I sometimes waver in my faith, but I watch these videos all day to remember I serve a Mighty God who can do ALL things! He's already provided a job for me after 7 months of unemployment, now I'm waiting on the new chapter of my life to start and to see the things He's told me happen. It is so exciting, but so scary at the same time.


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