🔥Must watch video of a young man, Mimicking Bishop David Oyedepo 🔥

🔥Must watch video of a young man, Mimicking Bishop David Oyedepo 🔥. SON OF THE PROPHET #bishopdavidoyedepo #richestpastorintheworld #bishopabioye #kingslyokonkwo #faithoyedepo #isaacoyedepo #sonoftheprophet #convenantuniversity #shiloh2020


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  1. This is a golden opportunity to tap into the anointing in the house. It's not a mistake you meet him in your generation. Its obvious you are a double-portion son, and most likely have a future in the ministry. What you need is his impartation, his mantle, his training, his mentorship not a dime. I pray you know the purpose behind this meeting. God just showed you the future, the kind of grace you will carry in the ministry. Joseph in the house of Saul.

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  3. Covet also the gifts of the Spirit at work in the life of the prophet and your status as a son of the prophet will secure you an enviable platform that will launch you to a realm of unforgettable turn around encounters that will make you a show to your world.congratulations


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