Money Demonstrations Cometh to the Body of Christ – SMC2U | Orlando, FL – FRI PM

Supernatural Money Cometh to You Conference – Orlando, Florida 2019 November 21-22 Thursday @ 7PM Friday @ 10:30AM & 2PM ALL EST CONNECT …


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  1. Apostle! Haha. What results have you seen, following Apostle. I read every book he put out Cover to cover. Every mp3. Really, I'm not talking about being faithful for results. But, What results have you seen. Now he preaching on Angels, from Google notes. This is Modern Day Laban, always moving the measuring stick, Never paying Jacob what he Promised. Always coming on the seen with some new revelation to why the people of God, Who have been giving to him Forever, Do Not Yet Have more money than Him. You claim to hear in the spirit. Then why you can't just give people from the massive amount you have stored up, then believe God to give it back to you. You Man of Faith! This man Travels over 40 weeks a year traveling spreading this Garbage. These messages are only designed to make Pastor Rich. All he does is stand up and tell you that you don't have money like him. You Broke!, Yall Broke, You Broke." He insults the people of God and is not a nice man. This is a "Doctrine of Devils" he preaches. I have been to your conferences Leroy, wher you tap dance on Cash, giving it an "anointing". But all that cash is blood money cause it's given and "sowed" by people who grudgingly give. By widows who sowed their last, by unemployed desperate people. You live in luxury off Blood Money "old man" Leroy. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at Hand. Man Return that money back to the People. You Charlatan.

  2. Working hard increases the yoke, but when our willingness is obedient to the word of God , abundance can be claimed from the wisdom that's received in the revelation of the anointing from the way revealed. So from the revelation to the demonstration, dominion is shifted to the seed. Where should there be nothing to attract dominion?


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