Mario Murillo on America Stands FlashPoint Nov 24, 2020

Welcome to America Stands: FlashPoint! What is Flashpoint? The definition of the term is a place, event, or time at which trouble, such as violence or anger, flares up. 2020 definitely qualifies as a flashpoint!

Our host Gene Bailey is joined by Lance Wallnau (, Hank Kunneman (, and Mario Murillo ( as they review where we are in the aftermath of the election and encourage us to embrace Amos 3:7 (AMPC), “Surely the Lord God will do nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets.”

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  1. Mario Murillo is truly the man of the hour! I wanted to tell him an experience I had as I prayed for him along with other Flaxh Point individuals before the first night of his Bakersfield revival. I began to pray as we were all reaching our hands toward him, and tears firs came to my eyes and then I felt the Spirit of the Lord take over the words that came from my lips, and my prayer became one of begging the Lord to protect this man who was in the heart of a very rough part of the city there where his tent was. My lips were speaking words I had no control over and I began to weep as I prayed for first his safety and protection, and then the success of the services, for lives and hearts to be changed. This probably is not unusual to Bro. Murillo, but such a thing has never happened to me before, though I've been a Christian for many years. I continue to pray for him, but I'm always going to treasure this visitation to me of the Holy Spirit to me.

  2. I comparing you false prophets to a team captain loosing a coin toss and arguing with the refs that you actually won. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Mario, where's your prophesy that Trump was going to get busted trying to steal the election and cheat. "I just need to find 11,780 votes…" to the Georgia Secretary of State? Where's that prophesy? I can't find it anywhere.

  4. Wow thank you so much for all this information….I’m still believing and holding onto God I’m not discouraged but I’m anticipating and looking to see the Hand of God move!!!
    I’m praying praying praying it’s time to speak out and that’s exactly what I tend to do I will speak with boldness of the Holy Ghost!!
    Thank you for speaking life today!!!

  5. Eisenhower confirmed suspicious on FAKE news in farewell speech Jan. 18,1961 BEWARE OF IMC watch news 7 more years to interpret motives All vanity Last time watched few minutes of fake news 9/11 month before was there warning them see "Anatomy Of Deception" The Big Question is Matt.24:22-24 is Do you take seriously what ELOHIM says. ? In this AGE OF DECEIT … Nothing is as it seems. Thus Let His Word Be True & EVERY MAN A LIAR ,,, THANK YOU FATHER For these 3 wise men !!! Haven't watch The Greatest President ever Donald Trump !!! knowing MSM's slant , Thank you Mr.President .It takes a lot of backbone to fight the multitrillionaires, out for complete DOMINATION of thr world , AKA New World Order… Out of Chaos , which according to Scripture Will some day be established to separate the good from bad 7th. & last parable Matt.13:47 Revelation 13:17,18 BECAUSE Of 2 The, 2:11 & 1 Kings 22:22 which leads back to a very stern Question of Matthew 24:24 's serious as judgement day warning !!!!! during the time of Dan. 12:1 foretold by Yeshua …The literal shortening of days. The opposite of Genesis 10:25 being Rev. 6:12 culminating into Rev. 8:12 Thus Interfering with The EXTREME HIGH TECHNOLOGY OF THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE much of which in underground cities ,pending implosion of the burning rings of fire again Matt. 24:24 so overlooked as if an inconsequential. Verse… What is REALITY. IN an instant AI WORLD PROMISING … take a bite of this apple and have virtual god-hood 6 g will make today look like stone-age ? Both Satan & AI work for Thee One. { WHO CAN NOT LEARN } Who alone can turn Evil around for Good … How wonderfully the lukewarm church needs verse 18. After 66 years on neglect signing contract with LBJ In 1954 Making government head of church every decade salt losing power to preserve society Repentance and rectification back to obedience to faith from James 4::4 to 1John 4:4
    Ecclesiastes 7:8 Thee BEST IS YET TO COME Genesis 1:26,27 's completion in Eph. 4:10-13 Yeshua comes back first IN His People then for His People after the great tribulation Matt,24:29-31 Rev, 20:4-6 who are these highly honored Saints? The greater repeat of John 20:21,22 See how Daniel 9:27 is reason why Jesus Had to stop in middle of prophecy concerning His Ministry in Luke 4:16-21 to CUT COVENANT of Jeremiah 31:31-34 the new and living way if Romans 12:1-3 to provide first 4 objectives of Dan. 9:24 Thee second part of His 7 year unique ministry pIcks up in Isaiah 61:2b,3 as stated in Luke 21:22 For these be the days of Vengeance that ALL things that are written should be fulfilled,,, Revelation 12:2,5 FOR ALL Creation groans and travails waiting to be delivered from bondage of corruption into glorious liberty of the sons of God by the adoption process of Gal. 4:1-6 Jewish Greek Roman ARISTOCRAT Fathers had young son Extensively trained in Mind will & PURPOSE of father to inherit signet ring of authority with inheritance … After Saran temporarily loose after 1,000 years to finalize Revelation of Messiah Yeshua ,then back to eternal darkness with all who follow in His rebellion,,,, Then new heavens and earth with infinite expansion of His Peace and Government Worlds of His people without END & THIS doesn't even scratch the surface of our partnership and moreover Intimacy Rev. 3:21 In to ME SEE

  6. It said if a prophet prophesy and it cometh to pass then you know there has been a prophet in the land, but it also said by christ that the seed of Abraham shall be cast out of his kingdom read the rest of it, in the bible if you know what I'm talking about you better pray that you will not become a fable and your prophesy becomes to nought stop talking and start praying before you become mocked it also said in the bible he will send a lie and a strong delusion, so the prophets better be aware that they don't fall into rebuke then the persecution will start I pray that trump wins or else its trouble for the Christians, don't forget how they will divide and part the holy land and come to gather all nations to fight the lord in the battle of armageddon if that's so maybe Biden will be president to fulfil the prophecy as America betrays Israel to his word that great and notable day of the Lord will come


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