Man Is A Spirit Being (How You Can Be Led By The Spirit Of God) | Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin *(Copyright)

Let the Holy Spirit Lead You! As children of God, we don’t have to waste our time in life going down blind alleys that lead to dead ends. We can deal wisely in all …


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  1. Is the Word of Faith weekly magazine still being published? It was a building block for my spiritual growth while in secondary school Ibadan Nigeria. Rev Emiko Amotsuka (Koinonia Ministry) distributed to us free of charge. Only eternity will reveal how deep and wide "Go teach my people Faith" impacted the world.

  2. Pray in tongues at least 1 hour every day and listen for guidance !!
    In every crises of life, pray in tongues and recieve guidance and wisdom to know what to do..
    Let’s always keep our words and tell the truth, else it affects our faith..
    Thanks Rhema for posting this on YouTube

  3. I read this book "How to be led by the Spirit of God" by Kenneth E. Hagin for the first time 34years ago – when I was 16. I have read it one more time since then. I am 50 now and I testify that this teaching will help all sincere believers in JESUS CHRIST, to align with the perfect will of God for their (our) lives, by God's grace.

  4. John 6:63

    “It is the spirit that quickeneth;

    the flesh profiteth nothing:

    the words that I speak unto you,

      they are spirit,

    and they are life.” 

    John 14:15


    ye love me,

    keep my commandments.”

    Feed them the bread of life …

    Bless you


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