"LOVE: The Way To Victory" (Pt. 1/3) | Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin | * (Copyright Protected)

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YOU’RE WATCHING: “Love: The Way To Victory”. How’s your love walk? Well, love never fails. Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin shares part 1 of a 3-part message in this series – LOVE: The Way To Victory.

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Comment (33)

  1. I believe these messages on the love of God that brother Hagan taught on are life changing they're the best i have ever heard .These are a gift to the,body of Christ

  2. Brother Hagin was the only one who ever showed me how to find God's will………i didn't even know the difference between my soul and spirit, if it wasn't for Hagin.

  3. 2Cor 5:14…Let the love of God rule….love endures…..We all need prayer….be kind to one another…forgive…and remember not iniquities anymore…Lord help us to walk in your perfect love…a

  4. John 13 :34-35 love one another 1John 3:14 this is evident that we have passed from death to life…The Bible is the way God speaks to man…If you love not your brethren you abide in death…The greater covenant is LOVE…..Eze 36:25-29…washed by clean water and given a heart of flesh and the holy spirit….Jeremiah 31:33-34… Hebrews 8:8-10…my law will be in the mind of my people and their heart…Rom 13:8…love fulfills the Law! love your neigboor as yourself…for love does no evil to his brother or sister….the 2nd covenant is the better covenant…all laws fulfilled in one…that is to LOVE….listen to your heart over your head and be spirit lead by love….

  5. I too benefited from the many teachings posted. Discovery of a cancerous attack of the enemy my Pastor gave me his booklet “God’s Medicine”
    I searched the YouTube for teachings and was a student for months. I even gave to His ministry believing it was my duty to send tithes where I am fed. Then one day all removed and they continue to remove any I save. I agree on copyrighted material but I believe they should at least suspend removal until this national crisis is more resolved. Even Rev Kenneth E. Hagin’s 1964 prophecy has been removed that DIRECTLY relates to the”atheistic communism” we are fighting today. They should put them up and monetize the channel. His ministry has changed my entire LIFE and reliance on the written word as the only truth we have to base our faith on. We have many benefits the nominal worldly churches and cesationist churches wrongly promote. Keeping many from help. Avoiding the controversial subjects that may lose them church members or just indoctrinated with error.

  6. Wow I am amazed at the comments, I am a 1979-1980 Rhema graduate and my am I so grateful to see Rhema has this YouTube channel. Gather the fragments Ken & Pat. Thank you

  7. I heard John Paul Jackson mentioned Kenneth Hagin Sr. in some of his sermons, and it peaked my interest. From 2015 – 2020, Rev. Hagin has taught me I was walking in error in a lot of areas in my life. Through his teachings on YouTube, it strengthened many areas of my life. I didn't realize that walking in unforgiveness opened doors to countless attacks from the enemy.

    Unfortunately, many YouTube sites have been asked to remove videos/podcast because of copyrighted material. Which means, we are unable to listen to a lot of his free teachings. When a time of fear and panic is running ramped in the atmosphere with Covid19, millions are out of work. We need teachings that will encourage us to walk in truth and reflect on God's Word. I took for granted those teachings would always be there. Now, a lot of them are unavailable. I am VERY thankful they were available for those several years. It literally shaped and changed my life.

    One of the things I see about Brother Hagin, he was an ordinary person. When you surrender to God, be willing and obedient, press onto the scriptures, God will move greatly on your behalf. Which means, don't give up on God when you don't SEE it but keep making your confessions based on the scriptures. Don't ever give up on God because he will never give up on you.


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