Let's Be Hungry For Excellence

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Raising Leaders, Shaping Visions & Influencing Society through Christ.
This is the vision of the International Gospel Church founded by Pastor Mensa Otabil based in Ghana, with multiple locations worldwide.

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Website: https://centralgospel.com
ICGC Christ Temple Facebook: http://bit.ly/ctfacebook1
ICGC Christ Temple Instagram: http://bit.ly/ctinstagram
ICGC Christ Temple Twitter: http://bit.ly/cttweets
Mensa Otabil YouTube: http://bit.ly/2tet5jx
Mensa Otabil Facebook: http://bit.ly/2ZDmICI
Mensa Otabil Instagram: http://bit.ly/37sCOlj
Mensa Otabil Twitter: http://bit.ly/2F4RtqH

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Comment (26)

  1. Dr Mensa was a guest speaker at our Men's Conference in South Africa at Rivers church from March 13th to March 15th 2020. I have never encountered a message like his in my entire life. Thank you Dr Mensa. May God bless you

  2. pastor sir,words can not descirbe how grateful i am to my Lord for you. Thank you for saying yes to the call of God upon your life,i celebrate you greatly. you have really shaped my life and christianity. my prayer is that i shake your hand one day….God help me to be excellent in my work. behold the spirit of excellence is upon me

  3. I am blessed by this message. God help me to hunger and have an appetite for excellence this year 2020. Pastor Otabil God bless you for this message.

  4. Wow ! God's General you are really great oracle of God. Keep spreading the uncompromised word of God. I pray for grace and fresh anointing upon you and all endeavors. This is the eye opener message to us all. God bless you.


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