Lester Sumrall – The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Part1

The gifts of the Spirit can destroy any force the devil might use against Christians. You are a candidate for the gifts of revelation, power, and inspiration. They will function anywhere–right where you are now! Dr. Sumrall discusses subjects including the charismatic renewal, the weapons of our warfare, how you can receive the gifts, the devil’s counterfeit, and the purpose of ministry gifts. You can be included in the great outpouring of God’s Spirit!


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Comment (9)

  1. God blessed this man to teach us, that’s how much He loves us. Rapture is near, it’s 2018 August, come with me, come to Jesus. He loves us All. God bless us All! AMEN!

  2. Listening in the first few minutes I already know God is going to use this wonderful man of God! He's gonna speak to every part of me that's hidden and thirsting for God!

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing and for such powerful message.
    I see that some of the videos are not complete. Also seems that there are other lessons on this topic which are not included in this playlist.
    Any idea where to find the other videos containing the rest of the lessons?

    Many thanks.


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