Lester Sumrall talks about the human WILL

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  1. Any man who beats his wife, such a man is a coward. that dear woman must leave him. If the wife beating man thinks he is so strong, why can't he go and pick a fight with another strong MAN so they can have a boxing match? The Bible says women are weaker than man. So no man should beat his wife. It is a caveman attittude. Marriage in old Enlgish LAW. is decribed as the man hitting the woman on the head with a club, when she fainted he dragged her into the cave and married her.

  2. What does John teach about in chapter 3 of 1st John….. "Those who are in Christ do not sin" The question is who is in Christ? He also stated in chapter 2 that many anti-christ are among us, they come from us, so we must distinguish by the fruits they bare as is stated in Matt. 7 that a good tree does not bare bad fruit and bad tree cannot bare good fruit. Surely we all sin because we are born of the flesh but our reborn Spirit does not sin because God does not see the sin.

  3. Say and believe what you WILL. I, my will, believe in the Truth and this man with all my heart and soul. Because you see, my spirit already knows the truth, it's not a matter of the spirit once you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and became born again. It is the soul the heart that needs changing renewing and rest in that which IS.

    If you do not have relationship with God, I urgently encourage you to seek Him. Seek the truth with your whole heart and you will find.


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