Lester Sumrall Prophecy Rapture End Times Study

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  1. Brother Sumrall refers to the syllabus,
    I would like to know what and how l can obtain this syllabus if it is possible to obtain it, he reads from some form of documents, l would like to get a copy of his readings, l know the Word of God is in the Bible, and believe it is sufficient for all knowledge, but at 76yrs old, l try to learn as much as Gods***Minister's
    (Some) have to say,!!!***

  2. Q coming on the scene backing the righteous and trump who quotes scripture, is Jesus. Check out q post #3355 and then the confirmation on July 17th by trump via a beautiful baby at the rally in NC. The baby was wearing the Q symbol. Christians and Jews unite under Christ. The marriage is of the body of Christ to Jesus’s teachings not the religious dogma which is control

  3. Well in the book of Isaiah in the old testament, it says numerous times, that there is ONE Lord and no one beside Him, no not One, and states NOR will there ever be, no not one! Amen, the Lord Jesus Christ is coming for His bride, repent, be saved, forgive and look up for His coming for his Bride! I cannot wait to ascend to be with my Father!

  4. The Dead sea NOW has Living Fish in it~!! 85% of Pastors are just there because its a cushy job. Only 10% are Called by God, those are the Ones who are Teaching End Times and Reading/Studying it all.

  5. The King James version Bible will be attacked..very soon I believe..things like in Revelation..the mark of the beast..in Rev. says.. the Mark will be administered in the right hand n in the forehead where as in other versions it says on the right hand and on the forehead..hmmm that very significant in TRUTH..This man truly loves the Lord and it shows..GODbless Bsav..LivnluvinCHRIST ur sisinCHRIST..paula

  6. Oh my, even great men of God could still get it wrong. The rapture is not during the tribulation period. It's BEFORE. That's the believer's blessed hope that Paul talks about. We will not go through the wrath of God. We are forgiven. Jesus took the punishment we deserve. The wrath of God will be directed at the Jews and the nations for their unbelief.

  7. There is no life after death only sleep. There is no pretrib rapture. Your going to be here till the 7th trumpet. Most will be murdered.

  8. ..i'm thinking it might not be by television that we will see him..much more likely it will be our spiritual eyes will be open,so even those who don't have access to a television will see Him. It will be a spiritual event,so somehow it just makes more sense to me. So thankful for all of this man's teachings! 🙂 thanks so much for sharing!

  9. I ate lunch and dinner with Lester as a child after church and never remember much besides he loved mustard.lol but now that I'm 28 and am vigilant in the word I am astounded at how well he speaks but unfortunately he predicted a false Y2K and pre trib rapture. There's no evidence of the doctrine preached before 1800's. Lester was very kind man, rip Lester

  10. There are two different comings but it cannot be like this. If the dead in Christ are raised at His return, according to scripture, Revelation 20:4-6 states that the tribulation saints are part of this "first resurrection". These are simultaneous events and in Revelation 6:12-14 (Mat. 24:29) has the SIGN of His coming: sun and moon darkened, meteors and earthquakes apparently at the same time! The 7th chapter shows the tribulation saints before the throne of GOD.

    I am interested in the future of Christians, being one myself. I have found a strange controversy over a "secret rapture". It is taught that at any moment, the Lord could return. Paul stated in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 not to let anyone deceive you into believing anything other than this, 2 things have to happen before our gathering together to Him: a great apostasy of believers falling away from the faith and the Antichrist is revealed. Why do people temp GOD by teaching anything other than what is written?

  11. i remember him when he was on tv ..he is a special teacher to me .i put him in the list with great ones like ttb and rev.macgee ..these guys are gone now and i dont believe anymore are in the near future. .with the new.. me gospel a humanistic type of teaching that is me /self centered ..self help and teachers who are no more than motivational salesmen ..the whole bible study is gone and in its place is the study of self …and be happy gospel ..we started off well with these guys than thru the name it ideology now its self help ..i guess we should just be thankful for time we had the real modern day bible teaching greats ..bc gone are the days of real hardcore study of whole word of God

  12. This is a real man. John Wayne, Chuck Norris, James Bond: they are what a boy thinks a man is. This one is what God wanted men to be.


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