Lester Sumrall– Prayer Personal answers to Prayer

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  1. I love how he has a black man song as his theme song. Back in those days, some ministers where racist. Anyway, I thank God for Lester Sumrall. One of the best ministers God ever created.

  2. I believe in prayers. God has answered my many many Prayers. He is God that knows all, because He Created All.. I testify 100% True to this Testimony. God Bless to everyone who listen to this Message.

  3. Thank you Lord for our brothers Jimmy and Lester for making these testimonies available for us His family. I will keep repeating them over and over till they become second nature to me to pray without ceasing. God bless us all. AMEN!

  4. I have a necklace with a single pearl in it that represents the Kingdom of Heaven to me. The pearl fell out & I looked for it. I couldn't find it. I prayed & told the Lord that I knew He knows where that pearl is but its so tiny I will never find it but if He might help me find it I would know the Kingdom of Heaven is still mine. I walked in my room and it was laying on my bed. He knows where everything is and is ready to help us when we pray.

  5. I love listening to this guy. I have seen many of his lessons several times. Strong testimony does something to us.  This prayer series reminded me of something I already knew and had veered away from.  The strongest prayers are "thank You Father"  and "Lord would you please help my friend"  Asking for things for myself leaves me feeling selfish. We should already be thankful for the things we have. He won't let me face anything I can't handle, and if He does, it will be because He will be there to make up the difference.  I'll be evicted and living in my car in 3 weeks, but I don't care. He can put a joy into us that overcomes any short periods of hardships. Thank you Father for all that you have done.


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