Lester Sumrall Prayer Part 3

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  1. unfortunately modern man has forgotten how to Pray !!! my grandma taught me my first prayer ! Now play me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep ,if I should die before I wake i pray the Lord my soul to take Amen

  2. I surely don't know enough to teach the way that this man did, but I do know two things. The most important prayers we say are 'Thank You'. The other is to pray for others. So many people act like God is just a gift bag that we reach into, but in that way we should reach in for others. Praying for money and things is probably the advanced lesson. When I have prayed for others to have their heart changed or to learn something, I have actually seen those ones answered undeniably. Pray for emotional things rather than carnal. Our Father wants us to talk to Him. Thank you Father for sending this man to help us find our way to you.

  3. Yes, thanks, jimmyburbank! Now, I can listen to all of Pastor's Sumrall's messages on prayer. All of his lessons he taught are priceless cus they're about and with Christ our Lord by God the Father.

  4. Thank you jimmy for posting these videos, I studied under Rev Sumrall back in the late 70s and early 80s when he owned WHFT ch 45 in miami. a great  great man of God.


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