Lester Sumrall Prayer part 1

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  1. When I was really young this MINISTRY was a blessing to me. His preaching is sound doctrine, nothing but the truth if this man was around all of his his prohecies that he proclaimed he would be in awe.

  2. Lord hold my hand to walk on the straight path. Help me to Pray without ceasing. And the Faith in You Jesus . Thank you Lord for using this Great Man of God to encourage and equipt the Saint for the Ministry. God Bless your family Preacher.

  3. I will tap in the unlimited resource of God that is available for me in Prayer. Believing in the Mighty Power of God through His Holy Spirit. By Fasting and Prayer. That will unlock the locked door in Jesus Name.

  4. Would be good if the hearing impaired could read what is being said in the name of Christ Jesus, the deaf would be blessed also,!!!*** seeing and hearing Might give understanding heart to those seeking the Lords way of Salvation!!!*****,

  5. 12 words spoken to me during prayer. I was devastated, I was going through a divorce after a 25 year marriage which I tried to hold onto, but I found out it takes more than one person to hold it together. After no more tears, crying on my Bible I just rested. Then I heard “There is no fear, only Faith. There are no failures, only Lessons.” God Bless us all! AMEN

  6. I've learned a great truth about prayer and the enemy. The enemy works through thoughts that attack us or through the evil that works in others. Satan was giving me the what for, for many years until God finally got it through my thick skull that anytime anyone does anything to hurt me or someone I love or anyone or anything else I immediately start praying for the soul the enemy is using. I put satan on notice , "I'm going to pray earnestly for any vessel you choose to use to attack me with and Jesus IS going to snatch them out of your control and redeem them! " Lol thats why we pray for our enemies.

  7. I had forgot about Brother Lester. He was beautiful & encouraged me in faith when I was younger with his stories about having nothing and how God provided for him. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this video & your channel. I've subscribed. Thank you.

  8. Thank You Father for this Awesome Man of God who left an indelible mark upon the earth and the Body of Christ through his love and obedience to you!!!! What a legacy, what a pattern!!!!

  9. You think you know prayer??? Listen to this repetitively and watch your prayer life be enhanced and brought to a new dimension! I have been playing this series over and over even while I asleep. While I am asleep, the holy spirit is revealing things to me about things I need to attend to in prayer and giving me the wisdom on the correct way to pray about it!

  10. Pastor Lester Sumrall's messages need to be primers for all pastors who believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as our Lord and Savior and who love God the Father. This man did both with all of heart, soul, mind and strength. He was right on.


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