Lester Sumrall on Demon Possession (1988)

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  1. no believer should fear the devil, he is a defeated foe. take your stand, but be warned, if you don't know Jesus as Lord and you try to confront him, you will end up like those in Jesus' day who tried to cast out the devil. they replied, Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are you? and they jumped on them. If you are a spirit filled believer who has faith and no fear, then no problem. Just do like he said, In the name of Jesus, come out. with authority, Amen

  2. Today we dont here this that the old evangelist preached. Today it is luke warm soft unmasculin feminist preaching. No power authority no spirit.

  3. Love this video. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. He lives in the Believer. Colossians 1:26-28. Believers shall cast out devils in the name of Jesus. Mark 16:17. What a mighty man of God! Hallelujah

  4. In these last days God will raise up many to walk in the Spirit! His Spirit will be poured out on all flesh! We must renew our mind with the Word of God, we must seek a relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost! We have been blessed to live in the Last Days and we need to be obedient to what the Lord has called each one of us to do! Pray in the Spirit to reveal the will of God in your life, just as the apostle Paul did, pray without ceasing. The time is short and we must seek the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind. Seek and ye shall find! In Jesus name, Amen!

  5. What an evergreen message from the throne of grace! Thank you Jesus.

    The Christian (Christ-like) and not "church goer "must wake up and take charge. Jesus said, "occupy till I come"- Luke 19:13. Enough of giving space to the devil. We can't checkmate the devil in our own power but in Jesus' power. He had won the ultimate victory for us in Calvary. We are not fighting for victory but rather, we're fighting from victory. The devil has no power but the one he stole. So, It's time to take it back.

    The source of power to cast out unclean spirits (demons) is in the Word of God. Living clean and doing it Jesus' way and manner makes it easy. The gospel according to Mark and the Book of Acts of the Apostles depicts explicitly the authority of a believer concerning this subject matter. Shalom!

    It's time to do set free the people (the image of God).

  6. Brother Sumrall was the pastor of my pastor, and a mentor to our faith and ministry. I was honored to have ministered in his church, Bible school, and TV stations. He truly walked under the anointing of an apostle, unlike anyone I had ever met. He was extraordinarily humble, fearless in his faith, and shocking in the bold things he said and did to bring healing and deliverance in the lives of people. In this video he tells the true story how his remarkable ministry of deliverance began, a ministry that he sought to pass on to the many young preachers and befriended and mentored. Thank you Lord for Brother Sumrall, for his life and witness to our end-time generation.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this! I love Lester Sumrall, I never missed his teaching tv program in the 70s. He would do 30 minute teaching series on different subjects. I had all his books, all of his teaching syllabuses, you could write in and order them, and I did! I would love to see those rebroadcast!!!
    He was humble, obedient, often funny, and absolutely anointed!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping his memory alive. Keep posting and reposting his sermons, he was a precious, precious man after God's heart!

  8. . This is the first time I listen to Dr.Sumrall and boy am I glad I did. When you find a true man of God it is like finding a long lost friend or brother. Praise the Lord Jesus of Nazareth for this mighty man of God, and as a bonus I get to laugh, because he sure does have a great sense of humor. Praise the Lord!!!

  9. The Holy Spirit has given me dreams and visions of the End of Days. What is coming will be unimaginable, beyond belief (somewhere in there the Rapture will occur) and THEN the Tribulation will come and THAT will be horror magnified many thousandfold. That will be truly HELL ON EARTH. I know because I HAVE SEEN IT!!! Jeremiah wept over what was lost, (I also weep over what was lost). (I Pray for all of You) Read Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 18. – (REPENT – THE END IS UPON US) – http://www.tonylamb.org

  10. Exceptional man of God,
    With exceptional faith in God through Christ Jesus
    Lord Jesus help us to be what you want us to be
    And grant us thy servants great Grace to fulfil the call of God on our lives
    In Jesus name is prayer.
    Amen and Amen

  11. Lester Sumrall is one of my all-time favorite preachers. Learned a lot from him. God bless his soul for the work he did for the Lord…and for what he has left as a legacy to us.

  12. I had to leave the churches for about 10 years I am in some bad sins now but I am watching Lester Sumrall and it's like my only Lifeline I am dealing with horrible things in my life and my family and this man's teaching from God is the only thing that I have hope in at the moment and I've never heard any other Pastor in my life as good as him there's no power anywhere that I can see on the earth and especially in America so I'm clean onto this and I'm praying for some kind of Deliverance for me and my family and I really pray that there were more preachers like this and I wish I could even do it but I feel like I failed God so I'm just saying these videos mean a lot to me even though I'm in deep sin I am entrapped and things and I don't know how to get out but I'm trying to get out and get my family out it's horrible…. It's a horrible horrible struggle but this teaching gives me hope so thank you for these videos and thank God that I found them it's giving me a little bit of Hope to keep going

  13. I have Brother Leser Sumrall,
    SEEN live for the first time
    in Sweden – Upssala livets Ord somer konferenc 1995 and it is true a privilege to be there and also RW Schambach evangelist


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