Lester Sumrall Confronts Witch Doctor

Documentary with rare footage of Lester Sumrall’s journey to minister to the Luzon Headhunters and the miraculous deliverance of the tribe’s witch doctor.

Produced in the 1960’s, much of this 28-minute video was filmed in the rugged highlands of the Mountain Province of Luzon, in the Philippines. It is a record of how Christ was presented to the aborigines of this area and how they received Him and became transformed into Bible-believing Christians. To purchase the full version of this documentary or to donate to this amazing ministry visit www.leseapublishing.com

We encourage everyone to visit Dr. Sumrall’s resource page to purchase his resources and support this ministry; https://www.leseapublishing.com/product-category/dvd-series-by-dr-lester-sumrall/

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Comment (37)

  1. 3:45 “what was the matter with tomorrow”. You know you heard and read on Lester Sumrall many many times when you say…” yup, thats Lester..sounds exactly what he would say, just like the man of God”thank you Jesus!

  2. Wow wow .. this is a treasure for the kingdom!! No one can go into this areas except God tells you else you are dead!

  3. For all you modern hip preachers who are going through your midlife crisis in the younger ones 2 who like to dress like the world with your expensive torn up jeans xcetera take notice this man has a suit on and he's going to minister to a witch doctor

  4. Dr. Sumrall published a book called “Adventures in Christ” several years before this film was made. It contained some of the 10 year missionary traveling ministry he had with Howard Carter. It too contains many riveting stories of God’s faithfulness and delivering power. I’m sure it is available at the website listed above

  5. On March 31 st 2019 the I Am spoke to me
    On April 4th 2019 I got invited to a prayer meeting, since I was feeling lost and unsure of this new reality the “I am” had shown I went. That Thursday night a brother in Christ laid his hand on my head and I fell to the ground shaking and screaming! He said in the name of JESUS CHRIST let him go! and I let out an ugly scream and strayed crying. Most eye opening experience of my life!
    A month later I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit! It’s real guys . It took years for me to believe in the one true God but Christ is still doing his work in each individual who allows him into his heart ❤️

  6. I had the opportunity to serve Dr. Sumeral several times as he visited Lorain Ohio.
    I was blessed to hear his preaching. He used no hypnotic music. Fancy trappings. He was like a grandfather if one would be willing to listen. He spoke however regardless if one was willing or not. It was how you listened that made all the difference. His message about Peter going back to fishing after denying Jesus was very touching.
    "You there, out on the water fishing", come ashore,see I have prepared loaves, Have you any fish"?
    Come ashore and have breakfast with me. He told that and the love of christ was so powerful in his voice. I cried. Tears streaming down my face. He truly was different from any man of God I have ever met.

  7. This is the purpose of the gospel and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, to seek, to expose and to destroy the work & the back of the devil. The kingdom, the gospel and the Holy Spirit are always on the offensive, because the increase of His government and of His kingdom shall never come in to an end.


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