Lester Sumrall Biography 1913-1996

“I won’t be satisfied unless I win a million souls for jesus everyday”

a tribute to a victorious life

Few evangelists have seen as much of the world as Lester Sumrall witnessed — and witnessed to. Lester Sumrall was one of the most colourful preachers of the 20th century. Beginning as a fiery young preacher during the depression and ending with the foundation of a global ministry in 1987, aimed at wiping out hunger in Third World countries: his life story inspires as well as it teaches. Lester Sumrall was a man who threw himself at the feet of Jesus Christ, possessing a zealousness and long-term commitment that still amazes even those who knew him.

Lester Sumrall (1913-1996) was a world-renowned pastor and evangelist, entering full-time service for God after experiencing what he recalls as the most dramatic and significant thing that ever happened to him. At the age of 17, as he lay on a deathbed suffering from tuberculosis, he received a vision. Suspended in midair to the right of his bed was a casket; on his left was a large open Bible. He heard these words: “Lester Sumrall, which of these will you choose tonight?” He made his decision – he would preach the Gospel as long as he lived. When Lester Sumrall awoke the next morning, he was completely healed and served the Lord for sixty-five years.

Lester Sumrall travelled the world ministering in 110 countries, including Soviet Siberia, Russia, Tibet, and China. During his life he penned over 130 books. His evangelistic association (LeSEA – Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Ministries headquartered in South Bend, Indiana), is still actively spreading God’s Word. LeSEA ministries include such outreaches as the World Harvest Bible College, a teaching tape ministry, and numerous publications. Lester Sumrall also founded LeSEA Broadcasting, which owns and operates 13 Christian television stations, 3 FM radio stations, 5 international shortwave radio station, and 2 Satellite channels covering the entire continents of Africa, Asia & Europe. LeSEA Broadcasting reaches 90% of the world’s population with the special purpose of bringing those millions of souls to heaven.

Lester Sumrall’s goal was to win 1,000,000 souls for the kingdom of God every day.

God draws patterns for lives of men and woman to instruct and direct them. He creates a special design for each rational being who is destined to live on this planet. If the individual wisely follows this divine blueprint, he will build a strong, successful, and happy character. Take time to analyse the life of a good man, and see that it was not achieved by accident or good fortune, but was a life in submission to the will of God.


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  1. i grew up at Christian center in south bend went to the church and school, i was at his funeral, and stayed with his son Steve Sumrall when he took over the now he preaches at his church called Christ chapel

  2. Blessings! on to Lester sumrall and his family and Blessings!!! to our heavenly Father that allowed us to witness this on video!

  3. Wow! you have to go to Nigeria. I know you're resting in peace in the bosom of the Lord because you did come to Nigeria, and you raised followers in my country like Bishop David Oyedepo. I read one of his books where he mentioned you. God bless you for heeding God's instruction in that vision!


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