Lester Sumrall: A Man of Faith and Destiny (part 1)

This is part 1 of the testimony of Dr. Lester Sumrall, who was a world renowned, Full Gospel evangelist, humanitarian, theologian, author & pastor; and was the pastor of four generations of my family, in South Bend, Indiana.

Download “The Life Story of Lester Sumrall” here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nPfSbbrm17UJH2786qYA0_-JwOOnBfx4/view?usp=sharing


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  1. Enoch Walked With God
    Gen 5:21 And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah: 5:22 And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters: 5:23 And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years: 5:24 And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. 5:25 And Methuselah lived an hundred eighty and seven years, and begat Lamech. 5:26 And Methuselah lived after he begat Lamech seven hundred eighty and two years, and begat sons and daughters: 5:27 And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he died.
    Notice that at 65 years of age Enoch had a son who Enoch named Methuselah. At 365 years of age Enoch was raptured to heaven without dying. It seems that Enoch walked and pleased God after he had his first son, Methuselah. It seems at age 65 Enoch understood that he was a father and then Enoch understood that his first and real father was Father God Himself. This is similar to how we appreciate our own father when we become a father ourself. When we become a father (or parent) we are so filled with love and care for our child. We then can truly understand and appreciate the love of our great Father God who loves us and created us. This is why Enoch aimed to so please God that God Himself was so pleased that God translated and raptured Enoch to heaven. Enoch truly knew and understood that Father God loved and loves him so much that Enoch responded with love and obedience to His creator and the real Father – God Himself.

  2. Bro.David thank you for your ministry with this great man of God. Do you know if brother Lester ever said the name of his friend who went into ministry with him? Did they ever meet up again in life? Thank you again these videos are a great blessing!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY….

  3. I absolutely love Pastor Sumrall. He’s such a blessing and encouragement, even while he’s up in heaven with Jesus, his word is going forth powerfully and changing lives. What an inspiration!

  4. I would like to invite you to a United Pentecostal Church in your area or a church that believes in speaking in other tongues have you been baptized with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues it happened to the hundred and twenty on the day of Pentecost in the upper room in the book of Acts in the Bible the spirit was poured out on them and they was baptized with the Holy Ghost and spoke in other tongues please investigate this church for yourself so you can come in the Rapture when Jesus comes and not stay behind and go through the tribulation the world is not getting any better it's getting worse and worse and worse we are at the verge of World War 3 Nation Rising against Nation tribulation hitting the world please get you and your beloved family baptized with the Holy Ghost today and if there's any friends and family among you that are sick bring them to the church and let the Saints lay hands on them and anoint them with oil so that they can be healed in Jesus name God bless you and may we move in the Holy Ghost together

  5. In the midst of listening to his serious testimony, you can't help but chuckle at different parts of his testimony. He was humorous too!

  6. I prayed one night after readIng a book about John G Lake after I prayed not knowing if there was hope for me that night I dreamed Psalms 118 it was part of a statement to me.the scripture God gave Lester Sumrall I claimed for my self and when I was down I clicked to hear Charles Stsndley and he read the scripture Fear thou not, I was comforted.


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