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Today we are beginning a brand new series to share with you Lessons from the Life of Joseph. We can learn so much from the lives of those who loved God and His Word. God even tells us in His Word that all things that happened to those in the Old Testament were written for our learning ( I Corinthians 10: 1-11 ), even to help us not make the same mistakes. Let’s learn from the life of Joseph the biblical principle that the choices we make when we come under life’s pressures will determine our outcome.

04:00 Joseph is one of Andrew’s favorite biblical characters in the Word of God. Many of God’s men in the Word had major character flaws even for all their love for God and God’s love and mercy towards them; Moses, David, Peter and Paul just to name a few; but Joseph is one of the few men in the Word with minimal character flaws.
06:30 The lives of all these men and of God’s children, Israel, the Word says, were for examples to us, so that we don’t long for or lust after the wrong or evil things that they had trouble with. God was intentionally candid with their mistakes and the consequences of their unbelief so that we could avoid the same mistakes.
11:00 For one example, to have an opinion is one thing, but we are taught not to be overtaken with gossiping or complaining. God does not want our lives to be characterized by negative believing, Because of these behaviors, Israel forgot God and all He had done for them.
15:00 When God first spoke into Andrew’s life and told him he was going to teach and minister to people’s lives around the world, everything in his life at the time looked like the exact opposite. It was these teachings he learned from the life of Joseph that helped him hold fast to his faith and believe God instead of his circumstances.
18:45 God has created us for a full and abundant life. He has placed dreams and goals on our hearts. The Word shows us that in between the time God gives us a dream and a vision and the time we see it come to pass, there will be challenges and trying times. (II Timothy 3:12)
21:00 Swimming upstream towards our goals will not come without effort and time. But God planted that dream in your heart and it will come to pass IF you don’t faint or quit.
22:12 What is the dream that God has planted in your heart.

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  1. Joseph is certainly a most interesting man mainly because of the life thrown at him and how it affected him. Obviously he was shocked by the realisation of his brothers hatred. Undoubtedly this dreadful incident and its evil consequences was responsible for turning him into a wise person. This thinking journey began when he pondered the reasons for their hatred of him.


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