Kenneth E Hagin’s 1963 Prophecy

This word rings more and more true. He who has eyes see he who has ears hear. This was my first video I created a few years back enjoy.

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  2. Rhema Bible College hosted a revival/meeting of American loving patriots in Tulsa in March 2021. Revival like we’ve never seen is imminent.

  3. To sad that his modern ministry is not obeying. The hissing and havoc with drunk in the Spirit isn't of God. I don't recognize that as the Holy Spirit. I'm not blasphemy the Holy Spirit. It just seems to me false sign and wonders. Am I wrong in this ? If so pray for me to see truthfully.

  4. Hey brother, I can't really make out all of the prophecy because of this piano music playing. I don't think this prophecy needs extra motivation. Can you please let it be heard without the music? Thanks brother.

  5. We really dont need creepy music for emphasis and many of the automated captions are absurd. It would be helpful to have the written manuscript of this prophecy along with this audio recording. Blessings.

  6. Thanks for uploading
    I just wanted to point out in case you make future videos with music: the music’s very loud compared to the speech; I found it strenuous making out the words at times, so I stopped listening after about two minutes.


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