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  1. Dear Rhema, thank you so much for this channel. A trillion dollars and more would not be able to pay for the gift of the Revelation Knowledge from Dad Hagin's teachings. It is priceless just as every other Gift from our Abba, Father.
    I am so grateful for this precious mighty Man of God with a mighty heart of Love for people who stayed obedient to the vision. I thank God my Abba, Father for giving us Kenneth E Hagin for the profit of the Body of Christ. I feel like I knew him. I watch him almost daily and keep purchasing as many of his books as l can find: reading, learning, and doing the Word in the books.
    After the Father and Jesus, and brother Paul, he is the next person l look forward to seeing in heaven, and I'll say to him "I love you with all my heart. Thank You for your faithfulness to the call of Abba, Father. You were sent, and through your obedience my life was changed, and I reigned in that life by One Christ Jesus my Lord and Savoir, and l had the reality of Eternal Life in me- the very Life of God my very own Abba, Father was mine and l thoroughly lived it and enjoyed it down there, and praise God it's still mine up here, and forever is mine. Glory to God."
    I love you Abba, Father, and l am exceedingly grateful for your trusted servant whose faithfulness has profited me beyond any measure. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord.

  2. Great to see a Rhema Channel. But please don't make other channels delete their K. Hagin videos, because its about everyone having as much of these messages as possible! A while back…several years ago, I began donating so much money to Rhema ministries due to watching Hagin videos on other youtube channels. They kept his messages out there going strong, and many of us would go online and donate via Rhema ministries. 
    Now I see those videos that I watched on those youtube channels have been deleted. Im trying to understand WHY?!
    Especially since they are the ones who have been keeping Hagin's messages going all these years. Why would anyone want to say, hey you guys cant deliver this good message of the Lord, only WE can. Its about having as many channels as possible out there with brother Hagins message. Not cornering the market and keeping people from getting the message. So I sure hope the introduction of this channel is not the reason other channels I listened to many classic Hagin messages on, have now had their Hagin videos deleted. That would be a travesty.


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