Kenneth E Hagin Drunk in Spirit,Holy Laughter Final


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  1. The USA … the biggest nuthouse on earth. You'd be hard-pressed finding more bullshit believers in any other nation. Stupor bred on an industrial scale is hard to beat.

  2. Hey everybody. This is a real experience and it happened to me many times. It is not the Holy Spirit but I was deceived and thought it was. Have compassion on these people. They think it’s God.

  3. Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart [laughter] is good medicine, but a cryshed spirit dries up the bones.

    Sometimes the Holy Spirit brings a movement of laughter upon believers to lift them out of depression,oppression, anxiety,fear etc and all other lies and things of the devil… Laughter is a blessing from above.. God I pray that everyone whos speaking against this man of God and the work of the Holy Spirit that you reveal your truth to them and open their spiritual eyes to your truth in Jesus Christ name…

  4. God the Holy Spirit convicts non believers of their sin and testifies of Jesus.He leads believers into all truth and righteousness.Is that what you see here?Don't believe ever spirit but test the spirits.Does this acknowledge that Jesus came in the flesh?

  5. I've seen this in many churches but I see the comments here as this spirit being false, but are you sure its false? The word said when the arc of the covenant was approaching king david he would dance in joy even naked to the point people thought he was crazy, new testament speaks of the day of pentecost where the people where baptized in the spirit and speaking in toung and the out of towners thought they were drunk and criticized them, is this what these comments are doing? But if this spirit is of the devil where in the word is the proof?

  6. Exactly what Paul had warned the Church AS NOT TO BEHAVE LIKE!.The irony of it all is that Christians are been deceived and lead by this teachers who claim to have divine revelation from Jehovah God and yet teach and preach contrary to what THE APOSTLES HAD TAUGHT!.


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