Keith Moore Transformed Pt 1 As a Man Thinketh

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  1. 1 Corinthians 2 :11-13 no body knows the thoughts of god except the spirit of god and we have received the spirit of god so that we can understand what god is thinking and has given us hallelujah!!

  2. I thank God that through the 101healing scriptures I searched for this minister of God. I have continued to listen back to back his teachings. I have been so blessed that after five years these teachings are available. I am going to a wonderful church and am on fire for the Lord.. Another level of great knowledge. I have been saved since I was 23 years old and now I am 71 and I am soooo blessed by the word of God from both my pastor and pastor Keith Moore.. When I first got saved, I asked the Lord to keep me on fire for His word and He has done just that.

  3. God, I Love This Pastor and His Ministry Family and Staff. Thank you that Pastor Moore listens to you, hears you, and delivers YOUR reported teachings to us. In His Name.

  4. I loooove this man and his ministry!!!
    He is the real deal!

    I love his gentleness! Much needed as many sweet people are broken and do not need to be beat up w self-righteousness! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I am so thankful to God for the word of God that keith Moore ministers . I love how he ministers with such depth and simplicity at the same time.

  6. Brother Keith always teaches me, the Spirit of God ministers to me through this man. I haven't met him yet but his teachings always equip me. I thank God for brother Keith. 🙂

  7. He is my favorite teacher….I remember our first year in Bible College..he just started freestyling with the Holy Spirit one night in a service for the students…just melted my heart..thank you Father for brother keith

  8. the time has come for people to DO THE WILL OF GOD not the will of man. I rather listern to God than to be loved by the world. a living prove of the verse that says in the latter days I will pour out my spirit unto all flesh. it's time the church of Christ takes it's position and stand for the truth amen ….amen's time to wake up…. now

  9. HIs ministry is a blessing to me! Father-God, thank you for your servant Keith Moore and his willingness to listen to you and say what you tell him to say! Blessings, in Jesus name!

  10. Thank you for helping me. I am glad that you did not give up…I understand now that God uses everything we go through to help us.

    I did not know God was such a prankster. He sure tricked me. I laugh now when I think about how scared I was and how much crying I did.

    I can only imagine Him laughing when we humans think we are in charge.

  11. I find that if you want to pray then you open yourself to "the Demons of Christ, unseen forces appearing like angels", that is: the warped insurgents who take over your soul, give you headaches, clog up your toilets, and are so dark. The best thing to do is renouce the following: Schwitzen Powder (can cause cancer), that film called VILLAGE ROMEO, and place babblel-curses upon people like the Duggar Family and that whore, Bristol. That should clear up some of the darkness. AMEN.

  12. You are transformed by renewing of your mind. You can pray and fast but if you still think x nothing will change. We have to renew our mind to think like him! Our own thoughts stink. Great teaching!

  13. Jesus is Lord. As you think you we become. Period. Same as imagination. Nothing becomes impossible if u believe. The Word of God overlaps and doesn't contradicts itself. Just perfect!

  14. At 10:50 hes lmplying that prayer will not do any good ln the "Renewing of your mind".
    This ls blasphemy. Read Ephes.6:12-18, then 2nd.Cor.10:3-6. Read Rom.12:12 which ls ln the same context as the 2nd. verse of Rom.12 which he ls so lntent upon ln his heretical sermon. lf he cared about the word of God as much as he enjoys basking ln
    the admiration of his deluded followers, he might develope some spiritual discernement ln properly dividing the word of truth. 2nd.Tim.2:15. Also he scoffs at people asking others to pray for them ln the "Renewing of the mind" . Paul himself ask for the brethren to pray for him and his ministry, Col.4:3, 1st.thes.5:25. This fellow ls just another WOF apostate, like Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen, just to name a few. Get away from this man, and dont forget to pray for him that his mind might be renewed.              God bless.


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