Keith Moore I Give You Authority Pt 1 Give No Place

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  1. We CANNOT resist the devil on our own strength. We MUST do the verse in the order it is written. FIRST, submit yourself to God Second, resist the devil. Third, he’ll flee. If you dont first submit yourself to God, it gives the devil LEGAL right and jurisdiction in the courts of Heaven, to take you on in your own strength. I know, cuz this happened to me, sadly … It was the grace and mercy of God which held and kept me, although I did yield under his power, and did suffer loss and destruction. Father God is real! Jesus Christ is real! Angels, and the most precious Holy Spirit are real! And, the devil and demons are real. Read ur chapter everyday. Feed on God’s Word. Blessings to everyone ♥️

  2. I believe that the teaching mantel that was so heavy on Brother Kenneth E. Hagin was transferred to Brother Keith Moore.. Glory be to God!!! Thank you Lord for the heavy anointing that is on my Brother it has and continues to destroy yolks of traditional bondage and unbelief…. It is my reasonable service to sow bountifully into such fertile ground!!!!

  3. Amen, Good Word. The traditions of men make of the Word of God of no affect.[To them] I am glad the Truth will set you free. Thank you for being obedient .


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