Keith Moore How to Harvest Pt 1 As Long As The Earth Remains

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  1. Good teaching I need to hear this, and I Receive it!! God gives me increase, and I’m not waiting on God, he’s waiting on me. I’ve missed it too many times. I have to stay on point and stop allowing distractions to make me miss it.

  2. Thank you Apostle Dr Keith Moore Apostles George Pearson Apostle Gloria Copeland, Apostles Jerry Savelle wow Thank you Soso much Iam growing up i belive i receive I love you Sir wow Hum good soul Food. Amen

  3. I realized how much I have been loosing because of my ignorance to be led by the Spirit, It's never too late, my hopes and my faith are still high, I'll start again, Thank you Keith, This was too wonderful, South Africa

  4. One more excuse for when God doesn't do what you say God is going to do there is always one more thing that I need to do, one more excuse for why your teachings don't work.

  5. NONSENSE. There is no "secret trick" to reaping in the natural. Is reaping automatic? YES. The harvest is right there. You just have to reach out and take it. There is no secret trick. There is no hidden secret. There is no hidden knowledge. YES, reaping IS automatic. You have to just reach out your hand and take it. But there is nothing you need to know and no trick or secret technique needed to receive a harvest. A harvest grows and it is just sitting right there.


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