Keith Moore Gods will to heal Pt 5 The curse of Sickness

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  1. Brothers n Sisters. I been trying to come back to the Lord for so long, but I believe i've done unpardonable sin, and even for awhile I became an unbeliever. I am tormented. I've been praying for a new mind, cuz there where my heart be also, and This is the kind of preaching that gives me a moment of peace. i've terribly TERRIBLY BACKSLIDDEN. Can somebody pray for me pleaase? I been told it's too late and it was so powerful that it knocked me out of the spirit and hardened my heartt. I'm blessed because i'm not s'posed to let the devil have my peace and say my problems. i'm of the world, i'm just being honest. I NEED RADICAL CHANGE PRAYER. OH BLESS YOUR HEARTS AND GIVE THE GLORY TO GOD, AMEN. IS THERE A WAY TO TALK TO SOMEONE ?


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