Keith Moore Gods will to heal Pt 12 Authority over demons and disease

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  1. Anyone who will please send a prayer up for me please. Healing and health peace and prosperity. OBEDIENCE and OBEDIENCE. I WANT MORE OBEDIENCE more truth more revelation. Thanks in advance man/woman of God. God bless now and forevermore. Oh and please throw in fruit. I intend to bear much fruit for GOD ALMIGHTY. THANKS EVERYONE IN ADVANCE. I SPEAK BLESSINGS UPON BLESSINGS OVER ALL WHO COME IM CONTACT WITH THIS COMMENT. HALLELUJAH

  2. I Believe I Receive in Jesus's Name. Amen. We Praise You, we Worship You, we Bless You, we Thank You and We Bow to You! I am Free! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah and Amen!


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