Keith Moore Faith for miracles Pt 1 Its possible


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  1. Iam indian working in saudi arabia. Please pray for me to get the release letter from my present employer to join a better salary job under another employer. Christopher

  2. Thank you Lord I beleive now that my eyes are not dim I am delivered from hypertension and high cholesterol Right now… Psalm 103…He heals all my deseases and my youth is renewed… I am fully persuaded that what my Jesus promised He is fully able to perform…. Jesus has spoken and said Daughter your faith in me and my Word has made you whole…. So I go in peace and I believe I am continually healed of all evil bodily distresses Now!!!!! In Jesus Name… So be it!!!!!

  3. I can't get enough of.this message..anyone reading this watch this it will change your life and your mind n faith n God to gel your body but you must believe and have strong faith..

  4. The Bible says that God hath dealt to every man THE measure of faith. And in Luke 18:8 when the question was asked will He find faith, proves there is more than 1 type of faith. there will be saved people when Jesus returns (they certainly have faith), and then there is a possibility according to the way the question is asked that there might be some faith that will be missing when He returns. If both faiths were the same and Jesus knows that there will be saved people when he returns, why would He ask the question?


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