Keith Moore Clear to Hear Pt 1 Honest Heart

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  1. Keith Moore's 9-Message Playlist, "Clear to Hear" How to clearly hear from God daily. Know daily what God is leading you to do. "Feelings" are the voice of the body (How many have heard it? "I'm hungry! I'm tired! ) "Reason" is the voice of the mind. But God speaks to our spirit through our conscience. Conscience is the voice of the spirit.  Work to keep a clear conscience and never override the conscience. If the conscience is bothered or troubled, do not push it down and ignore it. Stop. Focus on what is troubling you. Humble yourself, repent, apologize, ask forgiveness, but act to resolve the problem. Stay tenderhearted and sensitive to God's voice through the conscience. Ignoring the conscience could make us so mean and ugly that we are hardly bothered anymore at all. To resist God speaking through the conscience will harden, callous and desensitize the conscience making us dull and insensitive. The Bible warns of searing the conscience, becoming scarred and unfeeling, duller and duller.  Play these Bible teachings as you go through the day.
        Pt 1  Honest Heart
        Pt 2  Your Light
        Pt 3  Be Not Deceived
        Pt 4  Zero Condemnation
        Pt 5  The Other Witness
        Pt 6  Established
        Pt 7  A Clear Conscience
        Pt 8  Do What You Know
        Pt 9  Holy Light
    Playlist plays all 9 teachings in order


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