Keith Moore An Act of Fear Pt 11 Watch Your Mouth

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  1. God is GOOD to me, all the time!!
    I'm standing that God will help me, give me His Wisdom as I make decisions for Parents. James 1:5, 3:15. My father passed away unexpectedly Christmas Eve.

  2. Brother Keith I can't thank you enough since I found you I listen every night to you..I told my dad n he said he used to watch you n t.v. n my mom is vary ill and not much longer to live and I send her your stuff and she listens as she goes to sleep as well as I do.. I need prayer for healing from a health condition as well I'm 40 and my mom is 59. I was on top of the world in 1997 was drafted as a pitcher for the then Florida marlins pro baseball team out of.high school and I went on a destruction path of alcohol for many years after I had 2 fails shoulder surgery about a year after I was drafted n my mom prayed n prayed I would change n it took dui after dui and jail on many occasions but my mom kept praying and guess what I quit drinking 5 years ago out of the blue cause of.her prayers n the Lord heard her n answer her prayers n it took a toll on her for many many years of never knowing what call she would get about me and the Lord answer her prayer as well as my dad praying n now even though I don't drink its effected my heart n my mind n anxiety n panic attacks major depression n even with all that I've never touched another drink. I ask that you pray with me for my mom's healing. If 2 or more come in agreement then it shall be. If you would pray for mom n I that would be awesome. How you pray about it God will let you know as I have not discussed her illnesses after she came threw septic shock and only 5% live with what she had n that was 2 years ago…I believe your a great man of God and he directed me to you…thank you n God bless you n your ministry n family..thank you
    Allen Myers

  3. Amen!!! I repent Lord this day of every idle, negative, judgemental word I have spoken out of my mouth as of right now I will watch the words that come out of my mouth….. there for I will not defile my body…


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